May be the greatest oxymoron in the world.
Communism is Chinese for systemic racism and hatism.
No Tibetan or Uighur shall ever be Chairman, or
Secretary General of the Communist Party of China.
The Obama feat in America is impossible in China.

Han Chinese using Communism as vehicle to
Harass, segregate, enslave, and discriminate against
Non-Han Chinese, living under Han Chinese tutelage.
Communism is Han Supremacy, same as
White Supremacy in the US and the Western World.

Membership in the Chinese Communist Party, opens
Doors to economic opportunities and political privilege.
Chinese Communism is a social tool to control workers,
Real Communism cedes economic control to workers.

Workers have more control in
Western Capitalist economies than in
Communist Chinese economy, where
Communism is used to control and exploit workers.
The Chinese Communist Party might as well be
The Chinese Capitalist Party of Owners and Employers.

China is a country of billionaire Communists.
Billionaire Communist, another Chinese oxymoron.
Time the world stood up to Chinese deception,
Demagoguery, and utter disregard for international norms.

One thought on “COMMUNIST CHINA

  1. Communism and Capitalism are like the two blades of supreme cut throats, always at war against each other, and the downtrodden of the earth in their midst. Only Karl Marx and Engel generated this everlasting man to man , hand to hand, eye ball to eye crush of societal dandruff world over. This is the crying fate of mankind. Was this probably Marx’s intention? Probably not, but the classless society have come to this disturbing stance by the presumed practitioners. The people are owned by the propertied, the aristocracy and the well to do in the east or west.QED. Thanks.

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