A fruit does not fall far
From the tree that bore it.
Femi – FFK, son of Remi – RFK,
FFK, friend of Abba Kyari, foe of Buhari.
Abba Kyari fiercely loyal and
Confidante of Muhammadu Buhari,
Yet FFK pretends to be foe of
Buhari and bosom friend of Abba.

FFK must be schizophrenic,
a spy, or a compromised spy.
FFK started as an Igbophobe
and spurned by the Igbos.
FFK’s weird statements about
Igbos and Ojukwu’s wife, were
Suggestive of a relapse.
Or was he courting the Cabal?

The Hausa-Fulani Cabal, cognizant
That every Southerner from Jagabond
To Vagabond has a price to
Betray and abandon his people,
Courted FFK who has an Igbo wife.
Suddenly, FFK became an Igbophile and
Virulent anti-Buhari critic and troll.
MNK bought in, Igbos bought in.

FFK’s past was swept under the carpet.
Everything was forgiven but Son
Would fool Igbos as Father did.
Yes, we were fooled by a Spy.
RFK alliances and dalliances with
Same Hausa-Fulani Cabal in the 60’s,
Should have been a harbinger of
The treachery of the family.

The treachery that gave Nigeria
Operation Wetie, military coups and
Ushered in military rule and terror in Nigeria.
Military terror replaced by Islamic
Terrorists of Boko Haram and
Sectional Fulani Terrorist Herdsmen,
Under the patronage of the Cabal
That continues to ravage Nigeria.

As FFK publicly lambasted Jubrin,
Muhammadu, Abba, and the Cabal,
He was dining and wining with
Abba Kyari and the Cabal in Aso Rock.
The EFCC lost FFK’s case file and
Billions of Naira misappropriated by FFK,
Attributed to cows roaming the
Lawns of Aso Rocks and environs.

Nigerian cows, monkeys, and snakes
Known to gobble money meant for
Human and infrastructural development.
Are there more spies amongst us?
Probably, as Covid-19 exposes
More and more of them by death.
Thanks to China and SARS CoV-2
For exposing the Abba-FFK alliance.

An unholy alliance exposed by
The death of Abba, the puppeteer.
As every Nigerian piled abuses on
Abba, FFK extolled and deified Abba.
Apparently, every Nigerian is compromisable,
FFK is no exception and every secret,
Any and every secret, divulged to FFK by
Anyone is known by Buhari, Abba and the Cabal.

Always be wary of those who utter
The name of God and Jesus at
Every opportunity as FFK does.
They are not Saul on the road to Damascus,
But traitors on the road to Abuja for
A huge payday by the Cabal.
They are Snakes in the Duvet willing and
Waiting to strike at the opportune moment.

There are more FFKs amongst us,
Compromised and controllable by the Cabal.
These are fifth columnists – spies.
The most vocal critics of Buhari-Abba regime,
May be the most compromised as FFK!
As coronavirus continues to crown Nigerians,
More FFKs shall be unveiled to the
Astonishment and bewilderment of Nigeria.

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