Unmistakably natural and unadulterated.
Elaborately and elegantly plaited hair.
Shiny black ebony body with plump lips.
Bright, shiny, and inviting eyes peering out of,
A head resting on square, round, and proud shoulders.

Plum, juicy, and firm watermelons with nipples,
Threatening to pierce her vibrant blouse.
No brassieres needed to hold the bosom.
Flat abdomen capped by a dainty button,
Call it umbilicus if you want.

Curvy voluptuous buttocks,
That gyrated musically as she,
Made her way through the bush path,
With her delicate cargo of water,
Balanced on her head in a clay pot.

Her perfect figure of eight propelled,
By long strong barefooted legs,
And long well-proportioned arms,
That marched rhythmically with the legs.
African Beauty, what a sight to behold!

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