Fora meant to generate ideas,
Ideas for discussion and dissemination,
Becomes fora to generate and
Disseminate misinformation and lies.

Engineer becomes expert in farming,
Carpenter now a consultant virologist,
Doctor disseminates lurid jokes, whilst
Comedian becomes a stock broker.

Pastor disseminates information on
Ponzi and other confidence schemes.
Highly appropriate because modern Christianity
Is an unrivaled con and Ponzi scheme.

Journalists become fortune tellers as
Judges proffer ideas on car maintenance, whilst
Mechanics become dream experts or
Experts at mental manipulation.

All the while “Social Distributomaniacs”
Copy, paste, and forward every CRAP in
Their inboxes or garnered by trolling.

Social media meant for social harmony, has
Become an agent of social disharmony and societal rot.

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