Real Nations solve her problems by
civil disobedience,
By demonstrations, boycotts, disruptions, and
By paralysis of parts or the entire economy through mass action.

Chief Justice of Nigeria illegally removed
Under Sharia Law, Sharia Law not Civil Law,
Prior to pivotal 2019 National Elections,
lawyers cheered, civil societies moped.

Prior to illegal removal of the Chief Justice of Nigeria,
Major General Muhamadu Buhari or his
Sudanese doppelgänger, Alhaji Jubrin al-Sudani,
Threatened to suspend the Nigerian Constitution at a National Bar Conference.

Lawyers cheered and rendered a standing ovation.
Area Sharia Magistrate installed as Chief Imam of Nigeria,
Employing Sharia technicality and moon sightings.

Lawyers went about normal businesses unperturbed.
Osun Governorship election stolen and awarded to APC by Supreme Court.
Employing Sharia technicality and moon sighting.

Major General Muhamadu Buhari or his
Sudanese doppelgänger, Alhaji Jubrin al-Sudani
Retained as Grand Conquistador of Nigerian (GCON) in 2019.
Despite massive rigging, murder, and mayhem.

Finally, Supreme Sharia Court removes an elected
PDP Governor Emeka Ihedioha of Imo State and installs
APC Alhaji Haruna Uzodinma as Governor of Imo State.

Nigerian lawyers, polithiefians, academics, and civil societies
Calling on international organizations to intervene and reverse
Probably the most egregious judgement in Nigerian history.

Total grounding of the legal system by lawyers sitting home,
Requires neither international plodding nor international
Resolutions at the AU in Addis Ababa or in New York at the UN.

Why invite international nations and organizations to
Solve a problem that could be solved by lawyers alone?
Confirming that Nigeria is not a country but a geographic gossamer.

À gossamer spun of disparate parts by a vengeful Britain,
To foment unending sufferings and conflicts,
Through an exploitative economy populated by exploitable humans.

Is international help to defecate or urinate,
Next on the agenda of cowardly Nigerians,
Without testicular or mammary fortitude?

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