Menial, agricultural, and domestic workers
Rounded up by mobs and state agents
Loaded onto lorries with wooden boxes
Packed like sardines in metal cans.
Slaves, going to America?
Slaves, going to The West Indies?
Slaves, going to South America?
Slaves, going to Ghana?

No, migrant workers seeking
Better lives in Nigeria booming with oil revenues
Shagari’s inept NPN Party turns boom into doom
Migrant West African workers mainly
From Ghana are economic scapegoats.
Rounded up like animals, meager belongings
Forced into rectangular woven plastic bags
Derisively named “Ghana must go.”

Nigerian mobs chanting
“Ghana must go” “Ghana must go”
Egged the migrants on the
Long dangerous journey to
Benin, Togo, Ghana and elsewhere.
The legend of “Ghana must go” is born
And persists till today as those
Bags are still known as “Ghana must go.”

Ghana forcibly removed Nigerians in 1969
Nigeria retaliates in 1983
Not too late for Nigeria and Ghana
To apologize and compensate
The victims of this internecine violence
Justice delayed is justice denied.
“Ghana must not go,” “Nigeria must not go”
Ghanaians are Nigerians and Nigerians are Ghanaians.

Africa belongs to all Africans.

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