Africans love titles. African Presidents are addressed as President and Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces.
The American President is simply addressed as President of the USA, the Russian President is addressed as President of the Russian Federation.
Both command forces that can annihilate the entire human race but do not brag about their Commander-in-Chiefs roles.

Titles breed, encourage, and propagate entitlements. Entitlements lead to graft, corruption, misanthropy, and maladministration.

The police force of a medium-sized city in the USA or Russia can annihilate the Armies of many African countries in minutes. Why do African leaders at all levels attach highfalutin and grandiloquent titles to their names? The answer is an ever-insatiable appetite for power – power to oppress, power to intimidate, power to torture, power to steal, power to kill, and power to damn the consequences.

In the Diaspora, Presidents of African Tribal Unions are Kings. Elections become hotly contested as winners are not only Presidents but Commander-in-Chiefs (Kings) with powers of life and death over their subjects.
On the African continent, every male petty trader who owns a stall at the local market is addressed as Chairman, every leader of a town’s union is addressed as President General, and every leader of a tribal union is also addressed as President General.

Since these Kings, President Generals, and Commanders-in-Chiefs do not have any real modern armies to command, they use their temporary powers to oppress, intimidate, torture, kill, and steal from their subjects. There is no outcry as Kings-in-waiting, Presidents General-in-waiting, and Commanders-in-Chief-in-waiting do not want to upset the cart, so they can continue the maladministration, and misrule that apparently is genetic in Africans.

Readers are encouraged to weigh in and narrate their experiences in their locales. Identification of a problem is half the solution.


  1. May be, ordinary people love titles and entitlements more than the leaders. They want the leaders to do everything for them for free so they shower the leaders with titles just to curry favour.

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