Modern library, build it in Daura,
Financier – Igbo Sycophant and money bag.
Do cows need a library or a ranch?
Why not build a Ruga in Daura?

Modern library, better built in the South
Where education and intelligence thrives
South tops in *WAEC, **NECO and ***JAMB.
Library best for people that value it most,
Nomadic education needs nomadic library!

Isi-agu, No, Isi-unity is superior,
Isi-agu represents Biafra
Really, Igbo culture is Biafra
Isi-unity for Igbo political sell-outs and traitors.

Rugas – Fulani cows in Igbo land and the South
Yes, because the Igbos have landed property
In Kaura Namoda, Kano, Kaduna, and the North
Do cows qualify as landed property?

Yeah, property is property,
Property is not property,
Do cows pay taxes?
No, cows used for money laundering.

Do you own cattle in the North?
Nay, I am not a herdsman.
Do herdsmen have landed property
Anywhere in Igbo land or the South?

No, because they do not invest in people.
No Rugas in Igbo land and the South
Since, Igbo and Southern cows
Do not have Rugas in the North.

Has Buhari provided Yam Rugas;
Electronic Rugas, Hotel Rugas, Timber Rugas,
Motor Parts Rugas and Supermarket Rugas,
For Igbos and Southerners in the North?

In fact, I was born in the North.
Fact, most Hausa-Igbos and Igbo-Fulanis are born
In the North and may have Northern fathers,
Unbeknownst to them and their assumed fathers.

Igbos who are more Nigerian than Nigeria,
Are usually Hausa-Igbos and Igbo-Fulanis,
Hoping to succeed Buhari but may have
To climb over the dead bodies of El-Rufai, Jagaban, and the CABAL.

*WAEC – West African Examination Council
**NECO – National Examinations Council
***JAMB – Joint Admission and Matriculation Board

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