Heiko Maas
Foreign Minister and Vice Chancellor
Federal Republic of Germany
Federal Foreign Office (Berlin Head Office)
Street address:
Werderscher Markt 1
10117 Berlin
Postal address:
Auswärtiges Amt
11013 Berlin

20. August 2019

Alhaji Muhammadu Buhari
Präsident von Nigeria
Aso Rock,
Abuja FCT, Abuja, Nigeria.

Lieber Alhaji,

Betreff: Antrag auf Verfolgung nigerianischer politischer Demonstranten in Nürnberg.

Ich finde es äußerst provokativ und ungewöhnlich undiplomatisch, wenn eine Regierung, die die Bedingungen geschaffen hat, die ihre Bürger ins Exil getrieben haben, die Strafverfolgung derselben Bürger durch das Gastland fordert, weil sie von ihren Regierungsbeamten Gerechtigkeit und Gerechtigkeit verlangt.

Deutschland ist ein demokratisches Land, das Flüchtlingen aus aller Welt Asyl gewährt. Vereinigungsfreiheit und das Recht auf politischen Protest sind das Recht aller in Deutschland wohnhaften Personen. Ich, Heiko Maas, bin von meinen Wählern mit faulen Eiern und Tomaten übergossen worden. Es kommt mit dem Büro. Kein Demonstrant wurde erschossen, eingesperrt, getötet oder deportiert.

Jeden Tag, mein Botschafter in Nigeria, informiert mich Bernhard Schlagheck über die Gräueltaten, die Fulani Terrorist Herdsmen an unbewaffneten, unschuldigen Nigerianern im Rahmen eines ethnischen Säuberungsprogramms und einer eventuellen Ruganisierung Nigerias begangen haben. Zu diesen Gräueltaten zählen Entführungen, Vergewaltigungen, Folter, Verstümmelung, Schlachtung und Ausweidung. Offensichtlich haben die Demonstranten genug.

Die deutsche Regierung wird Ihrem Ersuchen nachkommen, die Demonstranten zu verfolgen, die von ihrem Vertreter verlangt haben, seine Arbeit in Nigeria zu verrichten, sobald Sie Ihre Fulani-Terroristen inhaftiert haben.

Wenn Senator Ike Ekweremadu nicht am Arbeitsplatz geschlafen hat und seine Pflichten als Vertreter seiner Wähler wahrgenommen hat, werden seine Wähler in Nigeria Yam essen und in Deutschland Yam nicht essen. Yamswurzeln wachsen nicht in Deutschland. Die Schaffung eines geeigneten Umfelds in Nigeria würde zu einer Abwanderung von Fachkräften führen, die die Entwicklung in Nigeria erheblich beschleunigen würde.

Wenn mein Botschafter in Nigeria bestätigt, dass die Fulani-Terroristen besänftigt wurden, bin ich froh, den Nigerianern in Deutschland raten zu können, Nigeria-Würdenträger höflich zu behandeln. Politischer Protest ist in Deutschland keine strafbare Handlung.

Mit freundlichen Grüßen,

Heiko Maas
Außenminister und Vizekanzler
Bundesrepublik Deutschland


Heiko Maas
Foreign Minister and Vice Chancellor
Federal Republic of Germany
Federal Foreign Office (Berlin Head Office)
Street address:
Werderscher Markt 1
10117 Berlin
Postal address:
Auswärtiges Amt
11013 Berlin

August 20, 2019

Alhaji Muhammadu Buhari
President of Nigeria
Aso Rock,
Abuja FCT, Abuja, Nigeria.

Dear Alhaji,

Re: Request to Prosecute Nigerian Political Protestors at Nuremberg.

I find it highly provocative and unusually undiplomatic, for a Government that created the conditions that drove her citizens into exile, to request that same citizens be prosecuted by the host country, for demanding justice and equity from their government officials.

Germany is a democratic country that has taken in, and granted asylum to refugees from all over the world. Freedom of association and the right to political protest is the right of everyone resident in Germany. I, Heiko Maas has been plastered with rotten eggs and rotten tomatoes by my constituents. It comes with the office. No protester was shot, jailed, killed, or deported.

Every day, my Ambassador to Nigeria, Bernhard Schlagheck informs me of the atrocities being perpetrated by Fulani Terrorist Herdsmen on unarmed innocent Nigerians as part of an ethnic cleansing program and eventual ruganization of Nigeria. These atrocities include kidnapping, rape, torture, maiming, slaughter, and disembowelment. Obviously, the protesters have had enough.

The German Government will honor your request to prosecute the protesters who demanded that their representative does his job in Nigeria as soon as you coral, prosecute, and incarcerate your Fulani Terrorist kinsmen.

If Senator Ike Ekweremadu was not sleeping on the job, and did his duties as a representative of his constituents, his constituents will be in Nigeria eating yam and not eating yam in Germany. Yams do not grow in Germany. Creating the right enabling environment in Nigeria would result in a reverse brain drain that would greatly accelerate development in Nigeria.

Finally, once my Ambassador to Nigeria confirms that the Fulani Terrorist Herdsmen have been pacified, I will be glad to counsel Nigerians in Germany to courteously treat visiting Nigeria dignitaries. Political protest is not a prosecutable offense in Germany.

Sincerely yours,

Heiko Maas
Foreign Minister and Vice Chancellor
Federal Republic of Germany


    1. Country where human rights are respected irrespective of one’s religious, ethnic or socio-cultural background. Truth can only be supppressed for a while.

      1. My sentiments exactly! This letter could not have been written by a government official. ItsI too blunt & undiplomatic.

    1. Can German Diplomat cannot write in this format because I am familiar with diplomatic standard formats adopted in writing letters among sovereign government. Complements were not observed and the text lack diplomatic semantics. Please and please let all of us avoid actions that will potray us as fraudulent people and forgers.

  1. Igbos would have done wonderfully well without Nigeria, I don’t know why they join the yorubas and other ethnic group in Nigeria to be servitude to housa/fulanis, I have weighed the gain& lost in biafra and Nigeria ,it is far more better to be in biafra

    1. What you are written is true but are all Igbos accepted to be Nigerian?
      The fact is that Igbos in Nigerian politics are the ones dragging the entire Igbos into the mess.
      If this generation of after the war Igbos start confronting the before the war Igbos, who are now benefiting from the collective suffering of Igbos by hounding them down, the quicker we go home.

    1. Violates diplomatic norms, so when Trump uses derogatory words on Africa, does he violate diplomatic norms as well?
      Bro, some people dont take shit, Nigeria is not worthy of pampering, give it to them raw.
      I dont care if it’s from a foreign minister or whoever, if US ambassador to Nigeria speaks the truth for once, Abba Kyari and the Fulani caliphate would not have the guts to do the evil things they are doing in Nigeria.
      Since believers in Nigeria wouldn’t want to start the revolution, we shall hasten it for them

      1. God bless Germany! God bless those who protested! I hope that this is the beginning of the deliverance of Nigeria from the clutches of inhuman,selfish and foolish leaders who have nothing to offer us !
        God bless Nigeria in The Name of JESUS CHRIST! AMEN!
        Pastor (Pharm) Mrs E O Oke.

  2. For Ikekwere madu to leave Nigeria where yam is cultivated to Germany is his own problem, we invited him for book lunch here in Abuja he declined. I thank the government of Germany for this reply to Nigerian government. Let him try another country and see more beaten. Onye ala

  3. This surely is fake. No diplomat write this way. It’s a lie. The German government will not prosecute the protesters but cannot reply the Nigerian State this way.

    1. Well, let’s see them refute the letter. I am sure they are aware of it circulating in social media.

    1. This is nothing but fake. Nigeria is not a tributary oof Germany so can never be replied in this manner. They may not prosecute, fine but never will they be so undiplomatic.

  4. For now, this news remains authentic until the German government denies it. All hail Germany for telling this failed state called nigerian the hard truth.

    1. Fake or no fake, it’s true that the German government will not prosecute the perpetrators, whoever wrote this stated the obvious. That Senator only reaped a fractional bit of what he and his political class sowed.

      1. Abi oh!
        Fake new!
        Real news!
        This is what Nigeria loving Nigerians/Pro Nigerian/Pro True democracy (not rigged or by force democracy) individuals and groups would love to see as a response from the German government, who by the way, being preoccupied by important national issues in order to sustain their national glory and move their nation to higher levels, may just decide to ignore the myopic views and wimps of “thick” brainless, half educated, semi literate or absolute illiterate, over fed politicians who are clueless of their “job descriptions and roles” clamouring for the persecution of those who touched their egos.
        My advice to these politicians is to;
        1. Lead by example, by first taking the bold and courageous step of persecuting those savage beasts under the label of “fulani herdsmen and gboko haram” for their horrendous atrocities against Christians and peace loving Nigerians in their homelands.
        2. Educate yourselves on your job descriptions and roles and BIKO! do the job!!!!!!!!……
        3. Cut down your allowances by 85% and divert the excess funds into making Nigerian habitable for its citizens, to reduce the sufferings of the people and slow down “the brain drain epidemic” in the country.
        4. DO NOT TOUCH our “national cake” Enough is Enough!! Rather use it for the progress and betterment of our great nation and it’s beautiful resilient, long suffering people.
        Then they may just, to an extent, be morally justified for crying “wolf” against those who embarrassed one of their own.
        Gone are the days when honour is accorded to undeserving, fraudulent, opportunist.
        Those courageous guys in Germany probably work very hard to earn their wages in Germany and have never tasted a piece of the “Nijah national cake” (constantly being shared by the “viruses and leeches” plaguing our nation and economy for decades) and as a result have the right walk out of their gathering (which they have sponsored with their hard earned wages) anyone perceived to be a hypocrite or part of the problem of their beloved nation or tribe.
        God bless Nijah!
        God bless Germany!
        And God bless and have mercy on those galant heroes, who were not frazzled or intimidated by the distasteful presence of over fed politicians (who earn undeserving wages and award themselves outrageous allowances that just dose not add up) but rather, had the courage and boldness to walk them out of their gathering.
        But next time, nna biko, i beg, do no beat them or even touch them with your hands, politely ask them to leave and if they refuse, I guess the western government will, not frown on the good old western method of using, milkshakes, gooey pies, tomatoes, raw eggs or flour to ward off any politician who’s presence is abhorred in any gathering.
        I promise you nna guys! It works like magic because they will be in urgent need of a change of their over priced clothing and Rolex watches and as a result, will peacefully leave your gathering with their “tails between their legs”
        I love my Nijah i no go lie!
        By the way, am not Igbo but I love and empathise with my fellow Nigerians who have been constantly let down by those who are supposed to lead, govern and protect them.

  5. Respecting both sides of this argument; but the time to stop these mad men/women/zoo inhabitants is NOW. Whatever it take; freedom is not free. Ekweremadu and similar failed so called leaders in a failed state should remain in Nigeria, eat Yam in Nigeria, fix/properly fund and manage our schools and Universities, invest in the all be non existent infrastructure to get the nation on the path to rapid development. Otherwise, split the country and let every segment of the now Nigeria manage their fate.

    The embarrassment should be ramped up across the globe, perhaps it will wake these fools and let them know TIME IS UP.

  6. If this is really from the German Government it will be very heart warming to me and many fellow Nigerians. Whilst not supporting assault on anybody but what was done by Nigerians in Germany is a total show of discontent with the way things are happening in our home country. I am very surprised that the government is making so much issue of it even when the person porportedly assaulted has indicated that he had forgiven those that did so. It’s even more painful when one realizes the fact that over 100 Nigerians have been murdered in South Africa alone in the past few months, including an Insurance Commissioner that traveled to the place for a conference and a lot of businesses and assets of Nigerians lost and the government of Nigeria has not shown any open annoyance against the government of South Africa. And South African businesses have continued to prosper in Nigeria without any disruption. Several armless Nigerians have also been slaughtered by the Fulani Herdsmen and their leaders still boldly parade themselves about on a daily basis without any being tried by government. Is it because a Pokitically exposed person is now involved that the government has remembered justice. We need more of such actions against such persons, if that will make them to sit at home and correct the evils they have committed against our Nation.

  7. Don’t be fooled. I truly wish this letter was written by Heiko Maas the Foreign Minister and the Vice-Chancellor Federal Republic of Germany but it wasn’t. The tune and lack of international diplomacy in it gave it away. this is what any angry Nigerian in Germany would write.

  8. The gut of this German government letter is encouraging. I wish this letter was truly written and sent to the Nigerian Government. It conveys in a very bold way what Nigerians have been unable to do since independence in 1960. This is another version of RevolutionNow that would even be more effective than the recent versions in Lagos and some parts of the country. For the first time in Nigerian history there is a protest (faraway from home) that touch the perpetrators of poverty, unemployment and various hardships. There is surely greater need for this new version of nationalist and patriotic protests geared towards holding African politicians accountable for their actions. When other European countries follow suit in the footsteps of Germany corrupt African politicians, who siphon our resources out of the African continent and invest them in Europe, will begin to be more patriotic and responsible. This new discovery will surely work. Since taming our African politicians cannot be done within the continent through democratic processes, then it’s time to resort to new and effective ways. The Nuremberg (German) experience is a plausible experiment that should not stop. It should be encouraged by all civil rights movements. Kudos to the German Government. Cosmas Ojemen.

  9. My point here is German soil grows not yam which remains the undeniable Truth ever. Therefore it sound folish und unpatrotic for such a government personnel to be waisting his precious time talking, discussing all about yam, to the extend of abandoning his Official reponsbilities in his state and country where he was called to serve and where the best of yams are being cultvated and grown without spending a € or $ before one can eat it for Germany, all in the name of eating yam 🍠. What a shame to Nigeria 🇳🇬 Officials and it’s government. What a rediclus it depict to see and understand the Nigerian States, with it’s central government are framed with bundles of miopics and selfish cabals of men. No Wonder the nation is in shamble and in a mess. And Because it has ignorantly welcomed and still entertaining it’s enemies into the hem of the nation I see no hope until we all wake up to the life realities. We shall know the truth and the truth shall make us free… My Bible said it so ! And l believe it. Which we all should if we really want liberation. May God bless us. Thanks

  10. I’m wondering why some persons want this news to be fake. Wake up its time we call a spade a spade. When lies are protected, you call it real news, when truth is told, you call it fake news.
    Nigerians in Diaspora rise and fight for your people as the law to protect the people are the ones killing them over here. Speak up!

  11. Heiko Mass, you are a baby boy! ❤️ To you for not giving yourself a brain drain like how we are being compassed about by mediocrity in Nigeria.

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