Everyone back to your original country.
White-Black conflict in South Africa solved,
As Whites are repatriated to Europe.
Worldwide terrorism solved, as Islamists
Return to the Arabian Peninsula.
Execution of Blacks in America history, as
White Americans return to Europe.
Slavery in America banished, as
Blacks return to Africa.
Hispanic bashing eliminated, as
Hispanics return to Central and South America.
Humiliation and elimination of Aborigines
In Australia and New Zealand history, as
White oppressors return to Europe.

World peace and tranquility ensure as
Victims of hatism and racism, and
Victimizers of hatism and racism, are
Permanently separated and resettled
Where they came from, to
Foment trouble in other’s land.
Trump the genius, what an
Ingenious way to enshrine and
Ensure world peace, harmony, and
Coexistence for perpetuity, without
A single shot being fired anywhere!
Nobel Peace Committee, Oslo, Norway,
Here is your next Laureate,
Donald John Trump of the USA.

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