“Jesus” born in Stockholm, Sweden
Sails to Manila, Philippines
Promptly imprisoned by Duterte,
At age 12 for preaching without authorization
Released at 15 and is immediately
Captured by ISIS, Philippines
Converted to Islam, and becomes
An unwilling human IED exported to Sri Lanka.

Luckily, he is demobilized before
Exploding in Colombo, Sri Lanka
Exchanged for Tamil Fighters in Turkey
Turkey accepts “Jesus” temporarily
Turkey used to be a Christian country
Until overrun by Islamic Jihadists
Germany accepts to harbor “Jesus”.

Deported to Germany via Turkey
De-radicalized by Germany but no
Country is willing to grant “Jesus” asylum
Renounces Islam and reconverts to
Pentecostalism and seeks asylum in
The United States of America, the
Land of freedom and liberty but is
Met by a solid wall built by Trump.

Using his divine power, “Jesus” scales
The wall and concertina razor-sharp wire
Promptly is imprisoned in a concentration camp
Similar to the Nazi Concentration Camps in Germany
Uighur Concentration Camps in China
Namibian Concentration Camps in Africa
Japanese Concentration Camps in America
Japanese Concentration Camps in Asia.

British Concentration Camps in Kenya
French Concentration Camps in Algeria
Buhari’s Concentration Camps in Nigeria
Given option of jail or deportation after
Being water boarded by ICE agents
“Jesus” accepts deportation to Astana, Kazakhstan
But lands in Nursultan, Nazarbayev
“Jesus” is declared an Apostate and deported.

Arrives London, England, and becomes a journalist
Riles against oppressive Islamic regimes
Especially the autocratic Saudi Monarchs
MBS sends an assassination squad in
Three private jets to London, England
The assassins seize the Swedish Embassy
Where “Jesus” had gone to reclaim his Swedish passport
“Jesus” is asphyxiated and cut into stew-sized pieces.

The medical pathologist from Riyadh
Packs “Jesus” remains into a garbage bag
Garbage bag discarded in the English Channel
On trip back to Riyadh by the assassins
Britain condemned the atrocious action
France deplored the inhumane action
America is still investigating the events
Trump sells Saudi Arabia $100 billion in military equipment.

Saudi Arabia pledges to use the equipment
To prevent rogue private jets from taking off
Illegally, on unapproved assassination missions
The UN views the whole event as sordid
And convenes and reconvenes several plenary sessions
To decide on an appropriate response
And you think Pilate and Crucifixion was evil
If you were “Jesus”, will you return?

*”Jesus” is a metaphor for the so-called Christian Western Democracies that turn a blind eye to evil being perpetrated worldwide as long as it benefits them economically.

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