Even atheists believe in something.
Belief in God is not same as belief in Religion.
There was God before Religion.
Religion is founded by one human.
Who tries to convince others by hook or crook,
That God spoke with him/her.
You can believe in God and disbelief in Religion,
And you are not an Atheist but a Theist.
God is God and Religion is Religion.
God is not religion.

Religion is human’s narrative of inexplicable events.
Humans create a complex narrative.
When questioned, they make narrative more complex.
Next, create an intermediary between narrative and event.
Give intermediaries (clergy) supernatural powers to explain events.
Defend narrative fiercely at the cost of lives.
Reject other narratives that contradict your narrative.
Achieve peace of mind and fulfillment.
Religion is not God.

If you believe in God and will fiercely defend a particular religion,
You are a religionist.
Religionists’ lives revolve around a particular religion.
Religionists use religion to explain every event.
Religionists will fiercely defend religion at all costs up to and including death.
Religionists will fight other Religionists over Religion.
While most Religionists believe in one God,
One Religionist’s one God, may not be another Religionist’s one God.
Religion is not God.
And God is not Religion.

Belief in God without Religion is Theism.
Belief in Religion without God is Business.
Belief in God and Religion is Devotion.
Extreme belief in one Religion is Religionism.
Religionists are very gullible people.
Easily duped by Businesspeople disguised as Clergy.
Easier to treat florid schizophrenia than Religionism.
Belief in Tithing, Fasting, Praying, and Rupture,
Are hallmarks of Religionism
Yes, God is not Religion.

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