Can Humans order God to
Bestow blessings and favors?
God blesses whomsoever
Pleases God, and pisses
Whomsoever God dislikes.

Highly presumptuous, to
Order your Creator around.
Shouldn’t the Creator be
Ordering you around, and
Doling out blessings at will?

May God bless you!
A vacuous wish that
Probably irritates God,
Whose blessings Humans
Cannot influence, or invoke.

Invocation of God’s blessings,
By humans on other humans,
An exercise in futility, if not,
No Human will be lacking
As trillions of blessings have been invoked.

2 thoughts on “MAY GOD BLESS YOU!

  1. Unthinking Populations ask God for blessings, when He has actually blessed them with more than two thousand diseases around the entire planet,and with a thousand other events from water storms, to Volcanic Eruptions ,Avalanches, and instinctual war of man against his kind, and moreover, against nature itself. What more blessing are we asking for ourselves and others? He evidently, has the power …all powerful…to completely eliminate undeserved diseases from human life? All knowing in all dimensions, yet we surfer immensely in this life… He probably can, but has refused to positively intervene to actually bless us with life without undue suffering.

    1. Very illuminating. Could not have said it better. Humans are worshipping a Human God!

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