Religion creates relationships,
Between Peoples and their God,
But creates divisions between Peoples,
Divisions between Peoples leads to
Hate, rape, violence, destruction,
Desecration, expulsions, and death.
Religion has become weapons of
Aggression, Extortion, and Extinction.

Christians loathe Islamists, and
Islamists loathe Christians, and
Buddhists loathe Islamists, and
Islamists loathe Buddhists, and
Jews loathe Islamists, and.
Islamists loathe Jews.
Religious violence more deadly,
Than civil wars and natural disasters.

Possibly God loathes Religions,
Since Religions dishonor God,
By loathing other Religions.
And Religions kill in the name
Of their God, disavowing other
Religions claiming to be true.
Religious intolerance breeds
Hate , conflict and war.

Possibly all Religions are fake,
Only true Religion being
No Religion but a one to one
Relationship with your God
As People and Government
Exploit Religion, Religion will
Continue to be deadly.

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