Nothing is more sinister,
Nothing is more sinful,
Nothing is more insensitive,
Nothing is more scandalous,
Than kidnapping Young Adults,
And Children from their homes
In Africa, and turning them
Into Chattels to develop America.

Chattels, for the benefit of monstrous,
Inhuman, and murderous strangers,
In lands far removed from their
Familiar surroundings and families.
These Strangers value Blacks, as
Commodities or inputs of production,
That yields handsome financial rewards,
As written in the Christian Bible.

The descendants of these Misanthropes,
Disavow any responsibility, for the
Carnage, rape, indignation, and pain,
Inflicted on fellow humans for profits,
By their ancestors and forebears.
Profits that are everlasting as the
Pain of slavery is everlasting, and is
Passed on to successive Black generations.

Are some humans really humans, or
Are they animals inflicting pain,
Suffering, and misery, at humanly levels,
On less fortunate humans and animals?
Whatever is the case, White on Black
Slavery, remains the greatest scourge,
Ever Inflicted by humans on humans.
Hell must be chock full of Slave owners!

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