Takes 50 dead Muslims in down under New Zealand,
To remember 70,000 dead Christians in Nigeria.
The Christian “Right” in America is finally awake.
No more Muslim killings because it will take 69,950
Dead Muslims in New Zealand, to equalize the killings.

Did New Zealand Muslims kill Nigerian Christians? No
“Christian” Trump publicly warned Islamist Buhari,
To stop condoning and abetting Christian killings in Nigeria.
Neither Trump, nor the Christian “Right” matched
Words with actions, as in droning the Islamists.

Droning them back to the Futa Jallon Mountains,
Of the Senegambia, from whence they came,
Squelching their murderous Danfodic Islamist Jihad.
Will the US, Trump, and Christian “Right” act,
Or wait till another killing of Muslims elsewhere?

Instead, President Trump agrees to arm
“Buhari,” or his doppelgänger, with deadly
Super Tucano light attack aircrafts and parts.
Will the Islamist President of Nigeria use
These lethal weapons on Islamist Terrorists?

Or will Buhari use these weapons, to continue
The massacre of unarmed, defenseless
Christians, and incineration of their churches,
Farms, homes, and business interests?
Is Trump and the Christian “Right” listening?

With the defeat of ISIS in the Levant,
The anticipated droning of Nigerian Islamists,
By President Buhari should begin immediately.
The fear of drones by Islamists, may finally
Stem the Christian carnage in Nigeria.

What is Trump and the Christian “Right” waiting for?
When will the Christians of Nigeria get a reprieve?
Maybe, the killing of Muslims in New Zealand,
Will make the Christian “Right” come to their rescue.
Finally! Finally!! Finally!!! and Finally,!!!!

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