Gullible and politically stupid Igbos, proudly proclaim their Detribalization, to the glee of other tribes.
Can one Detribalized Nigerian tribe detribalize the over two hundred other Tribalized Nigerian Tribes?
Tell that to the Detribalized Nigerian Igbos, who sing Nigerian Unity and get used by the other Tribalized Tribes.
United in the afterlife, after they have been killed and dispossessed of their property, by the other Tribalized Nigerian Tribes?

Detribalized Igbos build Detribalized Factories in Ogun State and Lagos State Industrial Corridors,
And pay Tribalized property and excise taxes to Tribalized Yoruba Tax Collectors, in Lagos and Ogun States.
Detribalized Igbos build Detribalized castles and mansions in Ikoyi, Banana Island, Lekki, and Victoria Island,
And pay inflated and Tribalized property taxes to Tribalized Yoruba Revenue Officers, acting on behalf of Lagos State.

Detribalized Igbos build Detribalized houses and businesses in the Sharia North and Middle Belt of Nigeria,
And lose their Detribalized property and businesses to Tribalized Islamic Hausa-Fulani mobs, aided by their Christian Minorities.
Igbo Detribalization cannot Detribalize the other Nigerian Tribes, who benefit from Igbo Detribalization.
Why develop your land when Detribalized Igbos are begging to develop your land, at the expense of Igbos and Igbo land?

Nigeria will be a better country when Igbos Tribalize, because the other tribes will be forced to develop their lands.
Otherwise, the Tribalized Tribes will confiscate and control Igbos’ life earnings and property by Tribalizing Igbo assets on their land.
Federal Character has become a tool of Tribalization by the Buhari regime, as there are Fulanis in all the Northern States.
Tribalization of the Federal Government by Buhari, further rubbishes the claim of Detribalized Igbos promoting Nigerian Unity.

Detribalized Igbos are developing Nigeria, for the other Tribalized Nigerian Tribes and hurting Igbos and Igbo land.
Tribalized Nigerians are using Detribalized Igbos, to develop their lands for the benefit of their tribes.
When will the thick-headed, politically dumb, and clueless Detribalized Igbos realize Tribalization is good?
Tribalization of all Nigerian Tribes will spur even development of Nigeria and end Igbo *MMM.
Currently, Tribalized Nigerians are fighting Restructuring because of Igbo Detribalization developing Nigeria.

Africastallestman urges the Detribalized Igbos to jettison their myth of a Detribalized Nigeria, and become Tribalized.
Reality demands a Restructuring that may include the excision of Detribalized Igbos,
from Nigeria to help the other Tribes.
Practicing Detribalization in a Tribalized Nigeria, is destabilizing and creates State Leeches.
State Leeches are Tribalized Nigerians who hornswoggle Detribalized Igbos, by acting as middle persons.

*Maltreatment, Marginalization, and Murder.

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