Big cast iron cauldrons steaming,
In a fenced courtyard guarded by
Armed stern-looking German soldiers.
Is this Germany in 1939?
Are they boiling Jews?
No, it is Namibia in 1904.

Lt. Gen Adrian Dietrich Lothar von Trotha,
Was boiling African heads for excarnation.
Victims chosen from concentration camps,
And sent to Professor Eugen Fischer,
To prove his crazy Eugenic Theory that
Blacks are Animals, not Humans!

While Eugen Fischer was busy,
Classifying Africans as “Animals,”
German soldiers were busy fucking,
And raping “African Animals” in
Namibia and German occupied Africa.
Humans do not rape Animals!

Classify Blacks as Subhuman Animals,
Turn around to rape the Black Animals.
Only Animals have sex with Animals.
Germans are also Human Animals.
Only Animals engage in barbaric,
And genocidal extermination of Animals.

The barbaric, execrable, and genocidal
Activities of Germany and Germans,
In exterminating Jews in concentration
Camps, gas chambers, and furnaces,
Were perfected in the concentration camps,
And boiling cauldrons of Namibia.

“Research carried out by German professor Eugen Fischer on the skulls and bones ‘of Africans’ resulted in theories later used by the Nazis to justify the murder of Jews.”


  1. Oh yes ,and they in one way or the other will continue to roast Africans and other so-called Third World peoples…no body to stop them..that is the new world other in the making then.

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