Church overfilled with congregants,
Spilling into the courtyard and street.
A funeral service for a celebrity?
A funeral service for a politician?
A funeral service for a military hero?
No, a funeral for a police dog.

Meanwhile, in the ghetto section
Of same town of unequals, there are
Ten human funerals of lesser “animals,”
Each sparsely attended, no bagpipes,
No pledges of financial support to
Replace the executed “animals.”

Police dogs more valuable,
Than dead members of a Minority.
What lower classification for a human,
To be classified lower than a dog?
Dogs more respected than Minorities,
In Caucasian majority countries!

Flags flown at half mast, and
City adorned with blue lights for a dog,
Meanwhile, humans are jobless, homeless,
And sleeping under elements of the weather.
Dogs are feted and treated as Royalty,
And Minorities as rejects of society.

More tears shed for a dead dog,
Than for a human shot ten times,
In the back by White police officers.
There will never be racial justice,
Equality, and Fairness in a society,
That values dogs more than humans.

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