European Governments brought Savagery to Africans.
Europeans “tamed” African Savages by Savaging them.
But Europeans do not tame animals by Savaging them.
In Kenya, the British Government Savaged Kenyans.
In Tunisia, Tunisian Independence fighters,
Were Savaged by the French Government.
In Algeria, Algerian Independence fighters,
Were Savaged by the French Government.
In Congo, the Indigenous Congolese population,
Were Savagely Decimated by the Belgian Government.
In Namibia, the Indigenous Namas and Hereros,
Were almost Savagely Exterminated by the German Government.
In Nigeria, Enugu Coal Miners and Aba Market Women,
Were Savagely Executed by the British Government.

Africans thought Savagery ended with Colonialism.
No, the new African Savages are African Governments.
Prior to Colonialism, Africans fought intertribal and
Intratribal wars, far from the Savagery of today.
The Colonists introduced Modern Governments and Savagery,
To African countries in form of Dictators and Despots,
Selected and propped by Western and European Powers.
Modern Governments with modern killing machines.
Machetes, spears, bows and arrows replaced, by
Tanks, armored vehicles, bombs, and machine guns,
Supplied by erstwhile Colonists to the new Savages.
The exploitation of Africa and its resources continues,
Under Indigenous Savage African Governments.
Savagery has completed its cyclical journey.

In Angola, the Angolan Police, the Angolan Army,
The Angolan Customs, and Angolan Immigrations,
All under the command of the Angolan President,
Are Savaging Congolese Refugees and Asylum Seekers.
If King Leopold got away with Congolese genocide,
João Lourenço, President of Angola can get away with same.
If the European Powers looked the other way,
As King Leopold Savaged the Congolese People,
Do not expect any action from the Western Dominated United Nations,
As João Lourenço maltreats, maims, and murders Congolese refugees.
Black lives do not matter to the West,
Whether in Europe, North America, South America,
Asia, Australia, and maybe in the Afterlife!

The Nigerian Government tacitly supports the massacre,
Of Nigerian Christians and Farmers by local and
Foreign Fulani Terrorists, masquerading as Herdsmen.
The Savagery continues as the Nigerian Army mows,
Down unarmed civil protestors, while protecting
Fulani Terrorist Herdsmen, and their itinerant cows.
The Savagery reaches a crescendo as Boko Haram,
Which operates freely in the Northeast of Nigeria,
And Northwest Cameroon, with their Al Qaeda backed,
Al Qaeda Haram, Savage and behead captives, kidnap and rape
Christian School Girls, while exchanging Muslim School Girls
For billions of dollars and Naira in ransom paid by Nigeria!
While America and Europe continue to manufacture excuses,
Not to aid the Christians and Farmers of Nigeria.

The Arab slave traders of Libya and the Arab World,
Backed by Al Qaeda, Al Nusra Front, “Al Killers,”
And the Libyan Terrorist Cartel, masquerading as a
Government, continues to imprison, torture, rape,
Sell, and execute African Migrants going to Europe.
These Terrorist Savages are supplied with arms,
Vessels, and money by the European Powers,
To keep Africans out of Europe and freedom from Savagery.
Europeans created the Savagery in Africa and
As professed Christians should solve the mess.
They introduced Savagery to Western and Southern Africa,
While the Arabs introduced a more Savage form of
Savagery to East Africa that claimed millions
Of promising African lives, and impoverished nations.

If Europeans believed in Heaven and Hell,
They will not practice Savagery on other races,
Install, and prop Savage African Governments,
Supply them with arms, ammunition, and training,
To create the image of a Savage Modern Africa.
Wasn’t the elimination of Savagery in Africa the justification,
By European Governments to initially Savage Africans?
Savagery was nonexistent in Africa prior to its
“Discovery,” or is it, its “Creation” by European Governments.
What is the justification for postcolonial Savagery?
Is it to keep African natural resources firmly, in the
Control of puppet African Governments and Institutions?
Continuation of Savagery by African Governments on Africans,
Is the new definition of African Democracy or “Democrazy.”



  1. Thanks a lot…Remember The Anatomy of Human Destructiveness by Erich Fromm. He magnificently projected that both Freud (instinctivists) and B.F Skinner (Behaviorists) were in some sense disconnected from their conclusions about human nature as far as the love for cruelty and aggressiveness against our humanity is concerned. Fromm believes that man can change from cruelty to management of his environment for a better world and a better society for all of mankind.

    1. Fromm is being hyper optimistic. The evil minority assume power by subterfuge and use the gullible masses to oppress the masses.
      Racism and Hatism will end when the world is destroyed by God or Mankind.

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