“I command thee to exit this man.”
“Lucifer leave this man, your wicked
Days of torture and torment are over.”
Convulsing and staggering the possessed man,
Crumples to the floor, and is breathing heavily.
After a few more bone-shattering tremors,
All, congregation and the possessed, are quiet.
The exorcising Pastor barks an order;
“Get up and go, you are free of the Devil.”

“Woman your sister-in-law tied your womb.
She has buried a tortoise in your compound.
You shall never be pregnant until
The tortoise is exhumed and disposed.
Prepare as I am coming to your residence,
To excavate the tortoise and untie
Your blessed womb. Triplets and quadruplets,
Shall be your blessings from the Lord.
Can Everyone say Hallelujah?” Hallelujah! Hallelujah!!

“The Devil shall not inhabit any of you. Amen.
May the Holy Ghost Fire, fire your enemies. Amen.
Accidental death shall not be your portion. Amen
Your enemies shall die before you, amen.
I command the Lord to bestow immense
Blessings, love, and happiness on you and yours. Amen
Thou shall never lack money to pay tithes. Amen.
Sow a little seed and reap a bountiful harvest. Aaamen.
The Lord loves a cheerful giver, Amen.”

Welcome to New Age African Christianity,
Where church services are not different,
From incantations at a Voodoo ceremony.
Africans are inseparable from superstition,
Voodoo, miracles, and the occult.
Churches have become voodoo centers,
Prayers have become voodoo incantations.
Conform or lose followership and relevance.
Sell hope and miracles, reap immense rewards.

Old age churches have voodoo branches,
Usually labeled Charismatic or Pentecostal,
To compete with the new-fangled Pentecostal Churches
Or more aptly, Christian Business Centers.
As long as the African does not eschew voodoo,
Miracles, superstition, tithing, and the occult
Africa shall remain undeveloped, underdeveloped,
And retrodeveloped in perpetuity as natural events,
Are given superstitious and not scientific explanations!

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