Sold transfer of wealth to the rich,
As tax cuts for the middle class,
And his base buys the scam.
Tried to replace Obama Care,
Affordable Care for Americans,
With Trump Care for the Rich,
Affordable healthcare for those,
Who can afford healthcare.
Trump, the marketing genius!

Sells division, hate, and discrimination,
As making America Great Again.
White Nationalism under Trump,
Has replaced age-old American Nationalism.
More blatantly, he has mesmerized,
His core loyalists, into believing that
His anti-people policies, will make,
Them and America Great Again.
Trump, the marketing genius!

Introduces Executive Orders,
To divert attention from National debates.
Plays gullible journalists as an adept fiddler
Playing in a country musical ensemble.
Alas, America is his violin and Trump,
Can change debates by Tweeting
Inanities in the middle of a serious National discourse,
Changing the tempo, bolstering his base and stalling action.
Trump, the marketing genius!

Soon your tune will become so familiar,
You will be the only one fiddling,
And dancing to your fiddling of the Country.
Remember you can fiddle
All the People, some of the time,
Some of the People, all the time,
But not all the People, all the time,
Master fiddler, the days of your fiddling are numbered.
Trump, the marketing genius!

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