Dr Phil aired a recent show that starred a Black teenager named Treasure, who proudly proclaimed that she is 101 percent White. Dr Phil, who hosts a show of the same name, is known for sensationalism.
However, there is a limit to exploitation to boost rating. When “Will Man or Woman Marries Dog” air?
Treasure with her mum in the audience, described Blacks with unprintable stereotypes and adjectives.
One may ask what was the objective of the show?
Was Dr Phil hiding behind this disturbed teenager to air his own feelings about Blacks?
Psychologists and Psychiatrists term this Transference.

More astonishing was Dr. Phil labeling her delusional and his redefinitions of race and ethnicity. According to his weird theory, a Black person could be ethnically White but racially Black. What crap?
If Treasure is ethnically White, there was no need for the show.
I would want to meet the racially White Irish, who is ethnically Ghanaian, or the racially Black African American, who is ethnically a German.
If ethnicity is distinguishable from race, Africans kidnapped and transported to America would have become ethnic Whites, after 400 years in America, obviating the need for the episode.

It is preposterous that a Psychologist such as Dr. Phil, is unaware of the “Doll Study” of 1947 and replicated in 2007.
The all-pervasive effects of racism, hatism, discrimination, segregation, lynching, and maltreatment of Blacks have induced a state of self-hate in Black Children.
The constant bombardment of the airwaves with gory tales of black on black, and black on white violence, while minimizing white on black violence has created a state of self-loath in Black children.

Economically and academically advantaged Black parents, have immunized their children against these self-loath by positive reinforcement and counseling. Some of these children have overcome the negative stereotyping and think themselves as superior to Whites. Dr. Phil, we need such Black Children on your show.

The same could not be said of economically disadvantaged, academically handicapped, ghetto-dwelling, single parent Black parents who are struggling to provide for their families. The vicissitudes of life are overwhelming, leaving little time for parenting, positive reinforcement, and counseling.

Most Black children overcome these emotional handicaps by adolescence. Those who do not are in a state of Arrested Development.

Dr Phil, Treasure is in a state of Arrested Development and not delusional. Her state of mental disability was induced by Racism and Hatism. She is not delusional. She needs positive reinforcement and counseling, and not public ridicule, by exposure to a national and international media audience.

Africastallestman urges Dr. Phil to stop practicing TV psychology.




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