Igbo Leaders, not angry with Atiku.
Igbos are angry with divide and rule politics,
Introduced by the British to the Hausa-Fulanis.
Igbos do not want to be hoodwinked,
By Atiku’s offer of the Vice Presidency.
Vice Presidents have no power.
Salva Kiir of South Sudan fired Riek Machar.
Mike Pence of the US kowtows to Donald Trump.
Obasanjo of Nigeria caged Atiku Abubakar.
Igbo Presidency only benefits Peter Obi.

Igbos demand juicy Ministries,
Such as Works, Power, and Housing,
Defense, Interior, Agriculture, Finance,
Petroleum, and Transport or powerful
Positions in the Presidency, such as
Secretary to Government of the Federation or,
Powerful Legislative positions, such as
Speaker of the House or Senate President.
Atiku must agree to these demands
Before the 2019 Presidential Elections or …?

Igbos, Nigeria has toyed with your fate,
Since the geographic expression was
Created by the conniving British Overlords.
Time for Igbos to insist on Equity, Fairness,
And Justice to move Nigeria, to its
Rightful position in the World Comity of
Nations and States. A position that has
Eluded Nigeria due to the vicious and
Pernicious Politics, of excluding qualified Igbos,
From deservedly serving Nigeria.

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