Reuben Abati is a “Sango” worshipper who ascribes everything to Spirits. He did not resign his position as the Spirits chased him, he continued to live in Aso Rock with the Spirits to collect his salary, allowances, security votes, b….., and estacodes. He has been peddling this Spirit crap for a while and he needs to be brought to his senses. He is free to believe what he believes, but injecting superstition into Nigerian politics is the height of political chicanery.

Superstition for someone with a Ph.D proves, Africa will never progress.

He may be the “Demon.” What is happening in Nigeria can be predicted by any political neophyte.

Buhari is so greedy and parochial that, only Fulanis are allowed near the honey pot. Politicians without their finger in the APC honey pot will decamp to other parties, as is happening in late 2018 Nigeria.

Add Buhari’s selfishness, poor education, and vindictiveness to his murderous assault on Nigerians by local and foreign Fulani Militias, and the stage is set for the APC to implode. Even animals know to avoid those who show cruelty to them. It is only natural that, human beings will also avoid their murderers. If Buhari is re-elected, the killing fields of Cambodia will be child’s play compared to the killing fields of Nigeria.

Reuben Abati should not inject his voodoo into Nigerian politics. Only Charlatans will mix politics and voodoo. Vice President Yemi Osinbajo, an “ardent” Christian and President Muhammadu Buhari, an “ardent” Islamist have not seen these Spirits. Only superstitious people such as Reuben Abati, see these supernatural beings.

Have the Spirits also mesmerized the born again, or is it dead again Vice President, Yemi Osinbajo that he could not resign his position to save his dignity? Or is he just another honey licker?

Reuben Abati is interested in money politics as any Nigerian politician. He is not a journalist but, uses his jaundiced writings to grab juicy political positions. He keeps his position by using “voodoo” to threaten his benefactors.

Africastallestman advises “Dr.” Reuben Abati to keep his superstitions to himself and not poison the polity.

Conversely, if he wants to practice voodooism, he should open a Santeria Church in his living room. In a few years, he will rival Pastor Adeboye of the Redeemed Christian Church of Greed (RCCG) in wealth and riches.

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