How can Kingsley Muoghalu characterize Nnamdi Kanu and IPOB as Charlatans? Only a Charlatan can characterize genuine civil rights agitators as charlatans. This Muoghalu character may be more dangerous than Buhari in Igbo MMM (Maltreatment, Marginalization, and Murder). His video interview is at end of this post.

Stupid, unwarranted, egoistic, and patronizing statements made by Igbo Political Charlatans, masquerading as Ohaneze and Igbo Governors, proscribing IPOB, gave the Nigerian President, Alhaji Muhammadu Buhari, the audacity and temerity to invade Igbo land with “Army Pythons,” killing and maiming thousands, and drowning nonviolent young Igbo men and women in putrid and fetid stagnant, roadside ponds; offenses that warrant an international criminal arrest warrant.


Since, they conspired to disappear Mazi Nnamdi Kalu (MNK), the whole world has been waiting and watching for their more effective, more civilized, gentler, and kinder civil rights agitation. The demand for Biafra is a civil rights issue.
The American Civil Rights Movement had Malcolm X (Mazi Nnamdi Kanu) and Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King (Ohaneze and Igbo Governors missing in action) existing and fighting contemporaneously for Black Civil Rights. Each style compliments the other.
Ohaneze and Igbo Governors never provided a “Martin Luther King (MLK)” to fight alongside MNK but “killed” Malcolm X (MNK), thereby killing the struggle for Igbo Civil Rights.
Are there any politically astute and educated Igbo intellectuals?
The answer is NO.


As an outside observer of the Igbos of Nigeria, Africastallestman sees the Igbos as their own greatest enemies. It is the only tribe in the world where everyone is as smart or smarter, than everyone else, making every Igbo, a political dunce.
Have the Yorubas proscribed OODUA or have the HausaFulanis proscribed AREWA? Muoghalu’s attempts in the video to backtrack from his assault on IPOB is feeble and disingenuous.


It would be informative to determine the number of Igbos, that Professor Muoghalu employed as Deputy Director of the Central Bank of Nigeria, compared to other tribes. Alhaji Buhari has Katsina Fulanis as the preferred candidates for all key positions in the Nigerian Economy and Government. Professor Muoghalu as President of Nigeria will make Igbos the least preferred candidates for any position, to mollify and gratify his HausaFulani, Yoruba, Tiv, Ijaw, Ibibio, Mumuye, and other tribal backers.


Religion is a key stumbling block to Nigerian Unity especially in the far North, where there is unity of State and Religion. Citizenship as espoused by Muoghalu is not the key to building a Nigerian nation, it is the expungement of Religion from the Nigerian Constitution.
How will the Christians in the North West coexist with the Islamists, led by Alhaji Nasr el Rufai and Alhaji Muhammadu Buhari?
Will Sharia and Canon Law become part of the legal statute of his proposed North West Economic Zone?
What is a mosque and a chapel (shut down by Buhari with the approval of his born again Vice President, Professor Pastor Yemi Osinbajo) doing at the Presidential Palace, Aso Rock, Abuja?
Why not also erect edifices for Sango and Okija worshippers at Aso Rock?

The Italian Government does not sponsor pilgrims to Jerusalem but the Nigerian Government sponsors millions of Islamic pilgrims for the Umrah and Hajj. The Koran recommends one pilgrimage in a lifetime, but some Nigerian pilgrims have been to Mecca and Medina 50 or more times at government expense.

The dangerous practice of inserting Islam into the Nigerian State was initiated by Major General Alhaji Muhammadu Buhari, and consolidated by General Alhaji Ibrahim Babangida.
What is Islam (Arabic) doing on the Nigerian Army logo and Nigerian Treasury Bills?
Why is Nigeria a member of the OIC and the D-8?
What is an Arabic emblem doing on Nigeria Air?
Why should Arabic Studies replace Bible (Christian Studies) on the WASC Exam?
The Nigerian Government should leave Arabic Studies and Bible Studies to parochial schools. They should not be taught in public institutions.

If Nigeria as a secular state can join Islamic Organizations, Boko Haram has every right to join Al Qaeda and DAESH, the premier worldwide Islamic terror organizations. Moments of silence should replace sectarian prayers at public functions. Nigerians are not religious people but are fake Religionists, who hide behind Religion to commit mayhem.
Could this explain the rising incidence of criminality and criminals as religiosity increases in Nigeria?

Response to Farooq Kperogi: The Dummy’s Case For Nigeria’s Breakup – Africastallestman, UAC.

Charlatans shall always be charlatans.

AREWA – HausaFulani Political Group.
D-8 – Organization for Economic Cooperation.
DAESH – Islamic State in Iraq and Syria.
IPOB – Indigenous People of Biafra.
OHANEZE – Igbo Political Group
OIC – Organization of Islamic Cooperation.
OODUA – Oodua Peoples Congress (Yoruba Political Group).


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