The manipulative and deceitful Cabal is at it again. Support Buhari in 2019 and get an Igbo President in 2023. This doublespeaker, Boss Mustapha, is occupying the position of SGF (Secretary to the Government of the Federation) meant for an Igbo person. Now, he loves the Igbos so much that he has reserved 2023 for them. If he loves the Igbos that much, he can start by withdrawing Fulani Terrorist Herdsmen from Igbo land and vacating his position for an Igbo person.

The Igbos need a President of Nigerians by Nigerians for Nigerians. If a Kanuri man, Ijaw man, or Ibibio woman fits that bill, the Igbos will be contented. All the Igbos want is a President to level the playing field.
The Igbos do not want another Buhari-type character. In the annals of Nigerian history, no President has been so nepotistic in appointments and employment, so discriminatory in religion, and so indifferent to the loss of non-Fulani lives.

Here are the reasons why Igbos do not want an Igbo President:

1. An Igbo President will shortchange his/her tribe to please the other tribes.
2. Give an Igbo President a list of potential appointments and the President will ask you to prune the number of Igbos on the list to please other tribes. This is despite a proportionate representation of all the tribes.
3. If the representatives of the 371 tribes are waiting to see an Igbo President, the Igbo President will see his/her tribe last. A Fulani or Yoruba President will see the Fulani or Yoruba representative before attending to the other tribes and will switch to Hausa or Yoruba to keep the other tribes in the dark.
4. A Hausa speaking Igbo President speaking Igbo with an Igbo visitor will switch to Hausa as soon as a Hausa-Fulani enters the room.
5. An Igbo President will surround her/himself with non-Igbo advisers, guards, cooks, butlers, chauffeurs, and sugar boys/concubines from other tribes. That will be the beginning of her/his undoing.
6. Infrastructural development in Igbo land will lag behind other areas so as not to give the appearance of favoring Igbos.
7. Finally, he will not be a champion but an impeder of Igbo progress and causes.

Africastallestman believes that the Igbos will progress and expand at an alarming and sustainable rate with the right non-Igbo President.

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