It is part of the schizophrenic bicameral Nigerian/African personality that, Nigerian men in the American and other diaspora live dual lives. You cannot live in two places at the same time.

Indians in America make America their homes, so do the Irish, Arabs, Germans, Jews, and so on.

Older diaspora Nigerians with an affinity for their homelands should relocate to Nigeria and leave their children in America. Children willing to relocate will move to Nigeria with their parents. Jet travel reduces great distances to hours.

The Nigerian women are special cases, especially women from lower socio-economic backgrounds, prior to migration to America. These types are better off as janitors in America, than business tycoons in Nigeria. It is their right and choice.

If your Nigerian wife refuses to move with you to Nigeria, it is also the choice and right of the diasporan Nigerian man, to divorce the wife and marry another one in Nigeria. Keeping one family in Igbo land and another in America is asinine, economically, and amorously.

The dual and disruptive coexistence in two continents, retards Nigerian achievements in both continents.

The Indians started trooping in large numbers, into America in the 50’s and 60’s and are now a political force to be reckoned with. Nigerians started arriving in the 70’s and almost 50 years later are undecided whether to pitch their tents in America, Nigeria, or both. Nigerians are not visible on the American political radar.

The solution is simple. Relocate to Nigeria, if you do not enjoy America, retire to Nigeria, live and retire in America, or enjoy your schizophrenic dual residences.

A dead body does not care where it is buried or burnt.


  1. I remember your earlier piece about diaspora rats returning home to empty mansions two or three times yearly, and that was it. Living abroad three quarters of the year. Therefore not been at home or abroad. That life style is a real problem for us, Just like W.E.B Du Bois, book; The Soul of Black Folks. The divided self..at work, and as such, like the ancient folk tales about the bat hanging upside down …not living up nor down.

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