Crushes are not only juvenile fantasies.
They also afflict adolescents and adults.
Juvenile crushes are fleeting and
may be homo, bi, or heterosexual.
Adolescent crushes are more discriminating,
and usually tallies with final sexual identity.
Crushes are part of sexual development.

Juvenile and adolescent crushes
are just crushes, and no more.
Objects of crushes may be multiple.
Such crushes almost never end
in amorous or intimate relationships.
Adult crushes belong to a different genre,
and may end unpleasantly for both.

Adult crushes may result in
sexual harassment, rape, stalking, or obsession.
Juveniles are crushed by rejection,
or non-reciprocation by objects of crushes.
Adolescents may never erase the objects
of their crushes from their memories.
May even occur and recur in their dreams.

Adolescents rejected by their crushes,
do not suffer any long term harm.
The crushes may persist, but do not
result in a romantic relationship.
Adults rejected by objects of their
crushes are forlorn, vengeful, and
may turn crushes into anger and hate.

Vengeance may result in the
crushing of the crush object by
physical, emotional or financial means.
Juvenile and adolescent crushes, are
part of growth and development.
Adult crushes may be part of a
mental or personality disorder.

Crushes are just crushes
And nothing more. However,
some may result in long lasting
relationship and the results
are almost always fulfilling
and gratifying to both parties.
It is a relationship made in Heaven.

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