A phantom Twitter Bill passed by Democrats,
And signed into Law by President Trump,
Mandates the inhuman imprisonment,
Of Central American infants, children, and teenagers,
In dank mothballed Texan K Mart Stores.
What an excuse for child cruelty?

“Trumpmail*” elected President Donald Trump.
While accusing “Crooked Hilary” of rigging,
“Saint” Trump was being rigged in by Russians.
Trumpmail employs loud lies tweeted,
Retweeted and broadcast by False (Fox) News,
To sway public opinion, and obfuscate issues.

Accusing Democrats of imprisoning,
Central American Infants, children, and teenagers,
Under a Republican Trump Administration,
Is inhumane, outrageous, and unpardonable.
Actions unthinkable under any dictatorship.
Trump, show America the authorizing Law.

These asylum seekers are fleeing,
Oppressive “democratic dictatorships,”
Elected, financed, propped, and supported,
By US Governments and American Aid.
If America cannot accept the products,
Of her foreign policies, then change the policies.

Wimpy Democrats, show some spine,
Are you going to be trumpmailed again,
Into financing an abhorrent border wall?
Were Texas, Arizona, New Mexico, and California,
Not part of Mexico, and strong cross border ties,
Still exist between Mexico and America?

Democrats, ignore the trumpmail.
Until President Donald Trump shows America,
The Inhumane Child Separation and Incarceration Law,
Crafted by Democratic President Barack Obama.
Ignore the rantings of the Trump White House,
And stand your ground against human cruelty.

If you give in to trumpmail , next the Democrats,
Will be accused of exporting American jobs,
Together with American technology,
To Asia, particularly Communist China.
Greedy American Companies, not Democrats,
Willingly gave away American trade secrets to China.

Trump should also show America the Law,
Authorizing transfer of American technology to China,
Or video evidence of American Executives,
Being forced at gun or knifepoint to yield,
American trade secrets to Communist China.
Trump, show America the Law or else put up.

* Trumpmail as in whitemail or blackmail, your choice

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