Yemen, a nation so mired in poverty,
That Yemeni mosque and church rats,
Are better fed than Yemeni Citizens.
Benevolent Yemeni rats known to offer,
Food to Yemeni mosque and churchgoers.
Rats concerned about human poverty,
While humans inflict more poverty on Yemenis.
How inhuman can Man be to Man?

Poverty known to accentuate human divisions.
Did Iran, Saudi Arabia, and UAE care,
About poor suffering Yemenis?
Or care about their religious persuasion?
If they cared, they would have poured,
Millions in aid, loans, and assistance,
And not billions in war matériels or materials,
To alleviate, not worsen the misery of poor Yemenis.

Bad governance and abject poverty,
Culminates in a religious internecine war.
Sunni Yemenis pitted against Shia Yemenis,
Instead of against poverty, using aid, loans, and assistance.
Meanwhile the real enemy – poverty,
Is roaming about freely, unfettered,
Unforgiving and ubiquitous.
Man’s inhumanity to Man exemplified.

Iran, a fraction of money spent on arms,
Sourced from Russia and North Korea,
Add a fraction of money splurged on arms,
By Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates,
Sourced from Britain and the United States,
And Yemeni Poverty is vanquished forever.
Is war more profitable than human wellbeing?
Are Iranians, Saudis and The Emiratis listening?

Yes, the proxy Sunni-Shia Yemeni War,
May represent the second worst case,
Second only to the Biafra-Nigeria War,
Of Man’s inhumanity to Man,
Shia and Sunni are man-made divisions.
Neither Sunni nor Shia mentioned in the Quran.
God is incensed about the carnage.
But are Sunni Saudis, Sunni Emiratis, and Shia Iranians?

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