Divisive, loud, selfish, and vain.
Ostentatious, jealous, imitative, and carnal.
Traits inimical to building strong communities.
Diaspora women’s group operate clandestinely,
In support of the entire community effort.
Igbo women form parallel inconsequential groups,
To fight, compete, and overshadow the community.
Igbo Women in America, rethink your ways.
Women are the foundation of society.

Ever heard of The American Jewish Women Congress,
The Chaldean Women Association of America,
Or The Arab Women Defense League of America?
Igbo Women have a multiplicity of Organizations.
Igbo Women Dog Catchers of America.
Igbo Women Gold Wearers of Alaska.
Going by acronyms starting with I, for Igbo,
And the madness has no end in sight.

Igbo Women, disband your fake associations,
Rally behind your men to advance Igbo interests,
And build strong and lasting Igbo traditions,
In America, Nigeria, Igbo land and world-wide.
Put the much-vaunted Igbo education and values to good use.
A house divided on itself cannot withstand,
External enemies, and internal stresses, such as divorces.
Igbo women, the time for change is now,
Or watch your communities disintegrate.

10 thoughts on “IGBO WOMEN IN AMERICA.

  1. We’ve dug ourselves into a deep hole. Only the Almighty or a radical can rescue us.

    1. The Almighty will not do it. Igbos are already eye deep in fake religiosity. Maybe, an external Radical as “Every Igbo is as Smart as Every Other Igbo.”

  2. You have just poured water on the surface of a rock, that holds no water at all. They can never do without the competition for whose head scarf is longer… make sure that their head scarf are longer or taller than themselves from head to toe. Are you kidding me, most associations have no reason or rhyme, in terms of their existence. The group of Igbo women association that rioted against forced taxation in 1929/1930 did so for a good reason…to assert their femininity and power of family. Igbo women in diaspora have two concerns:one the care of their hair, two the comparison and competition as to whose hair scarf is bigger and taller into the sky, as if they actually think outside the house they live in. Actually, their unthinking attitude is legion.

  3. Igbo Women in America(IWIA)

    Africastallestman decided to see the negative side of Igbo Women in America(IWIA). I decide to see the positive side.

    The IWIA are assertive and competitive. What is wrong with that? It is a strong signature and attribute of the Igbo people and nation.

    The voice of Igbo Women , even in our villages and in Nigeria, cannot be ignored by our communities. Why should it be ignored in America?

    Igbo Women have always formed stronger lasting organizations in any community than men. They have always inspired their sons and daughters. We SING them: “Sweet Mother, I no go forget you!”

    IGBO SOCIETY needs the strength and positive influence of our mothers. As women they have to look beautiful. What is wrong with that?

    1. O.P.I IRONKWE, there is nothing wrong with Igbo women being assertive and competitive. There is everything wrong in Igbo women being assertive and competitive within the Igbo Community but become timid and apathetic outside the Igbo community, especially with regards to Igbo advocacy.

      Is there any Igbo Women Group in America that has made a difference in Igbo or American life at any level?

      Igbo men enjoy the voice of their women but their women have decided to sing a different tune. No Igbo man will ignore the loving, alluring, and sweet voice of an Igbo woman, unless that voice is aggravating and discordant.

      For every “Sweet Mother,” there is a “Sweet Father.”

      Yes, Igbo women are beautiful, strong, and positive. Africastallestman wishes that he has one. Using their beauty, strength, and positivity to form parallel inconsequential organizations is the problem. Is there any problem with having a women section of the “Igbo Dog Catchers of America?” No. The problem is having an “Igbo Women’s Dog Catchers of America.”

      IRONKWE, could you explain the high rate of divorces and spousal homicides amongst Igbos in America?

      Africastallestman appreciates your comments and wishes that more people will join the discussion.

      1. “……… could you explain the high rate of divorces and spousal homicides amongst Igbos in America?”

        1. We read about this a lot. We are worried that our daughters we raised well here find themselves in America and become something else. Igbo men killing their wives. Women divorcing husbands that brought them to america. So sad.

  4. “I makwa ndi anyi bu?
    “Na we dey here”
    That’s how they Roll @ Class Ladies Association.
    Arrant Nonsense!

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