Severe acute respiratory syndrome – No.
Special Anti-Robbery Squad – No.
Special Arrest Response Squad – Yes.
Welcome to Nigeria, the land of the absurd.
Whose Police is ranked last in the World.

SARS are Special Police Units,
Created to harass, arrest, and extort,
Money from Nigerians, whose only,
Crimes are being Nigerian Citizens.
Foreign Citizens are spared the indignities.

Crime could be being nude, or clothed,
Being too short, or too tall,
Wearing short, or long pants,
Exposing breasts, or covering breasts,
Or just looking at SARS Personnel.

If there is no reason for an arrest,
SARS creates one instantly.
If there are public outcry,
The worst Police Force in the World,
Tries to reform itself.

Maybe, SARS should be arresting,
Politicians, Businesspeople, and Civil Servants,
Who form the three arms of Nigeria’s,
Thievocracy, masquerading as Democracy.
Democracy of illegalities and impunities.

Real police reform only possible,
By a body, external to the Police,
Answerable to the National Assembly,
And the Nigerian People.
Time for gimmickry is over, SARS.

One thought on “SARS.

  1. Believe it or not SARS have killed a lot more than you any living soul can think of. I lend my voice in calling for its entire proscription.

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