Washington DC, June 15, 2018.

Conservatives cheered the scheduled meeting of US President Trump with Lucifer in Hell, Michigan, at the Trump Garden and Hotel, on August 1, 2018. These are the same Conservatives who lambasted Obama for planning to meet with God to ask for an increase of the minimum wage to $15 per hour, and guaranteeing every working American, a minimum yearly income of $30,000 a year.

The Conservative opposition to a more equitable income distribution and universal healthcare was based on the fact that, God recognized Slavery in the Bible and is very happy with American Conservatives. The Conservatives were really riled when President Obama publicly stated that, he was not going to discuss the re-introduction of slavery and indentured servitude to America.

Forward to 2018, the same Conservatives that almost decapitated Candidate Obama for agreeing to the possibility of talks with Iran and North Korea without preconditions are boisterously exultant that, President Trump talked with a Leader of the Axis of Evil (Devil), Kim Jong-un, without preconditions. Kim Jong-un is a hereditary, murderous, and brutal dictator that, executes ambitious blood relatives and perceived adversaries. Some of these executions are by anti-aircraft cannon in open fields witnessed by spectators. These bloody and macabre displays are meant to dissuade future dissent.

What changed? Nothing. Liars do not keep count of their lies, so they forget past statements. Conservatives are still conserving papyrus and ink, oblivious of the modern liberal world of Internet and digitization.
Do they care if their lies are exposed? No. They are shameless, and their disciples are gullibly shameless. Any statement uttered by a Conservative, no matter how ludicrous is true. Conversely, a Liberal predicting that, the Sun will rise tomorrow is blasphemy. The speaker should be burnt at the stake.

Environmental Protection Agency Secretary Scott Pruitt, is elated at the prospect of Trump meeting with the Devil in Hell, Michigan. He believes that global warming is man-made, but not by humans on Earth, but by Liberals in Hell, Afterlife, not Hell, Michigan.
These evil human liberal scientists languishing in Hell because of their support for abortion, universal healthcare, pollution-free environment, and equitable income distribution, have air conditioned Hell, and God is very angry. The heat released from Hell has found its way to Earth raising the global temperature. Only the immense powers of God are keeping the heat away from Heaven.

Who else to negotiate with the Devil but the phantom author of the “Art of the Deal?” Lucifer is the Artist and the Dealer, who has survived for eons without being dispatched by God. If Lucifer can insult God and get away with it, then Trump is no match for the Great Manipulator. Even God has found it difficult to eliminate the Devil. If Chairman, sorry President Trump thinks that he can outmaneuver the Devil, he better think again.

Trump is to negotiate the building of a wall around Hell, with Lucifer, to prevent the heat from Hell escaping to the Earth in a manner similar to the border wall, between Mexico and the US, preventing “Bad Ombres” from entering the USA from Mexico. A similar border wall is soon to be built between Canada and the USA, to prevent Canadian insults and back biting from entering the USA. This border wall became a reality after Presidential Advisers, Kudrow and Bolton publicly insulted Canadian Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau for scolding Trump’s antics. These are advisers, not requiring Senate confirmation, insulting the Head of a sovereign state.
Adviser Kudrow was so filled with bile and ennui that he suffered a heart attack. Liberal Trudeau sent him a get-well card. If Premier Trudeau suffers a heart attack, the Conservatives will send him a die soon card!
President Trump may end up signing a deal that releases more heat to the Earth in exchange for a hotel deal in Hell for Liberals to continue fornicating.

Meanwhile, Conservatives are now referring to the Devil (Lucifer) as Elvis or Lucy in the manner that Dictator Kim Jong-un became Chairman Kim.
As with the meeting with Kim Jong-un in Singapore, the World is looking forward to another Reality TV Show without any substance. The Devil may demand that more Conservatives be sent to Hell for their nefarious activities while on Earth. Since Lucifer finds conservative activities distasteful, one wonders what God will do with Conservatives.

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