You log into your PC alone.
You try to log off.
A warning suddenly pops up,
“If you shut down,
You and other people,
Using this PC,
Could lose unsaved work.”
Other people?

Yea, who logged,
These other people in?
Welcome to Big Brother Government.
Big Brother is always watching,
Over your shoulders.
You dial a number,
Big Brother dials in,
And listens to every word.

You log into the Internet,
Big Brother logs in.
You take a digital picture,
Big Brother has a copy.
Can you outmaneuver or,
Hide from Big Brother?
No, not even in death.
Your grave is marked on GPS.

Big Brother is everywhere.
Go ahead, turn off your PC.
Deny Big Brother, the opportunity,
To save more of your work.
Big Brother cannot control,
Your hands or your keyboard.
Go ahead, shut him out,
And have the last laugh.

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