The uneducated African is corrupt.
The educated African is fantastically corrupt.
The uneducated African, votes for corrupt candidates.
The educated African, is the corrupt candidate.

The uneducated African, believes in witchcraft.
The educated African, not only believes in witches,
But also employs the services of witches,
To frustrate his perceived enemies.

The uneducated African, believes in miracles.
The educated African, not only believes in miracles,
But steals from the state to fund churches,
That promote hope and fake miracles.

The uneducated African believes in the power of prayer,
To bring economic and social prosperity.
The educated African, steals from the common resources,
And pays prayer warriors, to usher in development.

Since education cannot save Africa,
What will save Africa from impending ruin?
Africa’s problem have become genetic,
Whether by classical genetics or epigenetics.

Africa’s problem can only be by solved by time.
Time will usher in genetic or epigenetic change.
The African gene is unperturbed by education.
Therefore, education cannot save Africa.

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