No, it is not Buhari, it is the people behind him.
Well, remove Buhari and the people behind him,
Will also be uprooted with the stooge President.
Or do you prefer a nominal President?
No, don’t remove him, he is a good man.
A bad man with a good Cabal,
Is preferable to a good man with a bad Cabal.
Well, the easiest way to remove the people behind Buhari,
Is to remove the stooge Buhari, don’t you agree?
”Educated” Nigerians arguing for Buhari’s re-election,
Are Nigerians really educated?

If Buhari is blameless for his evil Administration,
An Administration with very bloody hands,
Soiled by the blood of innocent Christians and farmers,
Hitler is also blameless for World War II.
Blame Goebbels, Herring, Himmels, Manstein, Rommel etc.
Hitler was just a stooge used by his subordinates.
Hideki Tojo was commandeered by kamikaze pilots,
Bomb Pearl Harbor or we kamikaze you.
The US was wrong to execute Hideki Tojo.
Don’t blame Kim Jong-un for nuclearizing North Korea.
Blame his Politburo and South Korea.

Supposedly educated Nigerians including a Nobel Laureate,
Did not foresee the disastrous train driven by Buhari,
And voted him into office as President.
President of a country on the economic upswing,
With a fast chugging economic locomotive,
Was immediately crashed by driver Buhari and his Cabal,
Under a spurious pretext of fighting corruption.
Quick remedy is to remove the stooge,
And the Cabal is history, freeing the country to grow.
Remove the dead lizard in your living room,
And the swarming ants will disappear.

The “educated” Nigerians will remove the ants,
Which invariably returns in a larger angrier swarm.
While the illiterate Nigerians will remove the dead lizard,
And the ants will disappear to seek another dead lizard.
Buhari is the “dead lizard” and the Cabal, the “swarming ants.”
Worrisome that the village idiot has more political insight,
Than the Ph.D.- touting Nigerian Professors.
Education, supposed to empower and enlighten,
Has mentally impoverished and exposed the illogicalities,
Inherent in the thinking process of “educated Nigerians.”
Are Nigerians really educated?

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