Speech without action,
Worse than keeping taciturn,
Carrying your burden,
And striking at the most opportune time,
At your enemies and tormentors.
Wise politicians play dumb,
Plan clandestinely and,
Strike at their enemies decisively.
Foolish politicians give “Great Speeches,”
Detailing their strategies to their enemies.
Igbos are all speech, no action.

Igbos have no secrets.
Igbos are loquacious.
Igbos put self over community.
Igbos are poor listeners.
Igbos share strategy with enemies.
Igbos see money as an end,
Instead of a means to accomplish an end.
All, traits of political naivety.
Igbos talk too much, listen too little.
Enemies use their strategy against them.
Igbos are all talk, without matching action.

Igbo strategy of survival,
Similar to Harriet Tubman,
Discussing the Underground Railroad,
In the public squares of Mississippi and Alabama,
Chock full of hatist murderers,
Lusting for black blood.
Igbos have money sense,
But political nonsense.
Politics made Dangote a billionaire,
By squeezing Igbos out of business.
Political sophistication superior, to business acumen.

When will the politically naive,
And structurally disunited Igbos,
Stop giving politically Great Speeches,
On the worldwide web for everyone,
And start quietly planning in their “nkpukes,”
Mobilizing in the markets,
Galvanizing in the Motor Parks,
And striking during elections?
Great speeches are exercises in futility,
Without commensurate action.
Igbos are all speech, no action.

4 thoughts on “IGBOS, ALL SPEECH, NO ACTION.

  1. The truth is bitter. Igbos have the financial might to bring betterment to their people but no political will. They have wonderful ideas but no plan. The situation is quite unfortunate.

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