Almighty, Omniscient, Omnipotent, Omnipresent,
Did you create all living things?
Yes, I did – Why do you ask?
Did you create Black people?
Yes, I did – Why do you ask?
Please God, don’t be annoyed,
Are you sure that you created Black people?
Are you questioning God?

No Almighty but can you answer these questions?
Black people are hated by White people.
Black People are hated by Yellow People.
Black people are hated by Red people.
Black people are hated by Green people.
Black people are hated by Orange people.
In fact, Blacks are hated by all Non-Blacks.
Did you design this scheme of hate?

No, I gave Humans freewill.
Have you acted against human freewill?
Yes, to stop the building of the Tower of Babel.
Why did you not stop Black Slavery?
Why did you not stop Black Hatism?
Why did you not stop Black Murder?
Why did you not stop Black Segregation?
I did not because, Blacks will inherit Heaven.


  1. Religion and the “church” happen to be some of the greatest hindrances to the potential greatness of the black race.

    1. I cannot agree more. Africans (Blacks) are religiously underdeveloped leading to susceptibility to brainwashing and “pocketwasing” or tithing.
      Christianity overran Africa in 100 years but took 1000 years to permeate Europe.
      As Europeans abandon Christianity for Humanism and Nationalism, Africans are combining Christianity with superstition to create a toxic religious duality.
      Islamists are also prone to religious duality. The terrifying aspect of Islam is that it is a state, government, and way of life that treats other religions as pestering gnats that must be quashed.
      While open Christian slavery has ended, Islamists are still opening trading Blacks as slaves.

  2. Where one places him/herself matters. If you place yourself high with the right attitude and aura then that is where people will place you but when you place yourself as a bootlicker then that also is where you are. Blacks have continuously played second fiddle with the sentiments of enslaved people and that is what we get. The day we live above board ie with the right attitude and much respect for the sacredness of life then blacks will definitely rise again and take the place of glory.
    Religion here is not even the issue rather I can compare the matter to a race that has little or no worth tagged unto them by their way of life and which consequently have been widely accepted by others.
    The killings going on in Nigeria for example is tantamount to barbarism and is totally not anywhere near that agenda of the 21st century. People whose ways of life portray them as having very close ties to animals will attract discrimation. After all who wants to relate to a lesser human.

    1. The Black problem is genetic. If you believe in creation, then God gave Blacks defective genes. If you believe in evolution, then Blacks will get better.
      If you cannot change your genes overnight, your behavior will not change overnight.

  3. Adaeze , my sister , please with all due respect

    . There are NO LEsser humans…, You rightly indicated when you asserted the sacredness of all life earlier thank you.
    Africsastallesman, you have arrived definitely at the forefront of the magic wand wavers societal CLUB. Not kidding you. Your time is here now, may be you take double Sabbath to bring your ideas to full fruition, with new earwax remover to the THEY, who actually believe that the gods are not to blame.Black and white and all others of their kind. You turned the voice of one crying in the desert , let who have ears hear..most times ,they have ears but cannot hear and eyes but cannot see,and unthinkingly ,… GT

    walk their planet with three factors in their unused mind ,first food, second, shelter, third clothes…and that is all they give a. F. Bye.

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