Jesus would not collect money from poor followers,
And use it to buy private jet aircrafts.
Jesus would not live in multimillion dollar mansions,
While some of His followers live on the streets.
Jesus would not wear expensive designer clothing,
And watch His followers come to church in rags.
Jesus would not wear expensive shoes and jewelry,
While His followers wear flip flops and strings.
Jesus would drive a Yugo and not a Rolls Royce.

What would Jesus do?
Jesus would collect money from rich followers,
And distribute it to the less privileged.
Jesus would use public transportation,
While urging rich followers to sell their private jets.
Jesus would forgo living in multimillion dollar mansions,
And use the proceeds to finance public housing.
Jesus will dress modestly, shun expensive jewelry,
While urging His followers to emulate Him.

Today’s prosperity preaching Pentecostal Pastors,
Are the real “AntiChrist,” “666,” “999,” or whatever.
Stop waiting for the “AntiChrist” to come,
He is here amongst us, bilking the poor,
Living ostentatiously, steeped in hypocrisy,
Consorting with wealthy criminal benefactors,
While ignoring the piety and benevolence of Jesus.
What would Jesus do?
Publicly whip and throw them out of His buildings.

5 thoughts on “WHAT WOULD JESUS DO (WWJD)?

  1. Anyone dat deviates from d word of God and does his or her own way will be ready to bear d consequence, period

  2. Did He not chase the money changers out of His father’s mansion (Temple)? Jesus said that God is a spirit…but never defined for us what a spirit is. And so we continue to look for God in material things. You came side by side with Erasmus, in his admonition of Christians and particularly, BISHOPS and CLERGY. Thanks.

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