There is so much suffering in this country
“God help us.”
Our politicians are so corrupt
“God help us.”
There is no water to quench this inferno
“God help us.”
There is no electricity
“God help us.”
The roads are unsafe
“God help us.”

Yea, you want me to help you?
Did I help Singapore? – no.
Did I help the UAE? – no.
Did I help the Whites to enslave you? – you did.
Did I vote in your despicable leaders? – you did
Did I build roads for France? – no.
Did I build the electricity grid for Norway? – no
Keep waiting for Me to help you.
I will not help Nigerians
Until Nigerians start helping themselves.

3 thoughts on ““I WILL NOT HELP NIGERIANS” – GOD.

  1. Biko God help us because as it is we have reached a point where our wisdom is stupidity. Please God help us for the sake of those of us that are leaning on you for help who have gotten to wits end.

    1. God does not play favorites. God offers similar help to all nations and peoples. What you do with your help is decided by you and the leaders that you elect.

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