Who needs friends
When you have frenemies
Frenemies are enemies
Disguised as friends.

Friendly in your presence
Schemes with your enemies
Behind your back
Plotting your downfall.

Real enemies better
Than frenemies who
Front as friends
But are your mortal enemies.

With real enemies
What you see
Is what you get
No bullshit, no gimmicks.

If you have frenemies
Discard them for enemies
Because fake friends
More dangerous than real enemies.

3 thoughts on “FRENEMY.

  1. It is good that you are creating a new word in the vocabulary of human relationship. Have you wondered why the best flower used as a symbol of love …the rose flower…has thorns on its stem, and that that might be seen as the equivalent of the instinct of human destructiveness, which humans rarely hide when the need arise to apply it against “the other”,whosoever that other may be. If you call them pretenders, and mean it…you will realize that they have nothing to worry about the dictum on the entrance to the Platonic academy in Greece:”Know thyself”, probably, because, they (Your Frenemies) have no self, to attempt to know in the first place. Let us live our lives like the rose flower, that is just in the ever present, without reference to the past or future, and just live in the present. Frenemies, friends and enemies all will take care of themselves. …(FRINEMIES)

    1. I wish that I invented it. I thought about it and then looked it up in the dictionary and it was already invented. Remember that there are 7 billion souls in the world!

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