Tall in stature, tall in character.
Honest professionally, but politically naive.
At 6’ 8”, he “sees” everything.
Maybe, too tall to be a cop or prosecutor.
Likes and hugs the limelight or floodlight.
Through actions that may undermine boss.

Helped elect Trump by muddling,
Clinton’s innocuous email indiscretion.
Helped by unfortunate Obama’s praise,
Of Comey’s actions that contravened the Hatch Act.
James Comey fired, not rewarded by Trump.
Fire your benefactor, face the conflagration.

Trump misfired by firing Comey.
A bruised Comey ego is dangerous.
More dangerous than a wounded lion.
When a blustering Trump meets,
A tall, forthright, and grandstanding Comey,
The result is epoch making theater.

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