He is all braggadocio and bluster.
He lied his way through the primaries,
Where he mocked and bullied his opponents.
When he opens his mouth, odium oozes.
Mr. Trump degrades the disabled and disadvantaged.
He promises you gold and delivers gunk.
And bullies journalists who ask probing questions.
He labels the Press as “Fake news.”
It takes a fake to know a fake.
Donald J Trump delights in playing on people’s fears.

Proclaims “America First,” but marries foreign wives.
Not once but twice to make “America Great Again.”
Bankruptcy is his favorite past time.
He stiffs the small contractors and tradespeople.
Firing employees is his favorite hobby.
He hires illegal aliens to save costs.
And builds walls to prevent others from hiring illegal aliens.
The Donald employs aliens on visa waivers,
To pay low wages and deny Americans, jobs.
Donald J Trump sews his shirts in China and Vietnam.

He bashes opponents as Socialists but invests in China,
While condemning others who have discovered his way to riches.
He promises to relocate closed steel plants in China,
To Pennsylvania creating phantom jobs.
He changes his positions on issues as a chameleon changes its colors.
Kiss your wife and children goodbye,
If Donald Trump ever gets hold of the nuclear code.
If you do not know or have not met Hypocrisy,
Book a breakfast with Donald J. Trump.
Donald J Trump aka The Donald, you are fired.

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