Houses of criminals are demolished, not sold.

Residencies of voodooists burnt, not refurbished.

Automobiles of conmen consigned to scrap.

Individual failures ascribed to work of the Devil.

Success ascribed to miracles and divine intervention.

Incompetence explained by bewitching.

Responsibility and ownership of actions are taboo.

Invest in charms, get rewarded by superstition.

Invest in science, get rewarded by progress.

Superstition, the bane of Africa.


Attacks can be “remoted.”

Illness can be “remoted.”

Ill will can be “remoted.”

Death can be “remoted.”

“Remoting” as in effecting actions,

Through time and space, extraphysically.

Witches and wizards can teleport.

Thoughts and speech become live.

Apparently, only evil can be “remoted,” not good.

Superstition retards Africa’s progress.

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