We award oil licenses to sycophants, criminals, girlfriends, and relatives.

And also to ourselves through proxies and foreign interests.

All importations of essential commodities must be through one individual.

Our Army can flatten and annihilate entire towns and villages,

In peace time and nothing will happen to us or the soldiers.

We use the Army as Police Force and the Police Force,

Is used to disarm and harass perceived enemies.

Thereafter, we will set loose hired killers on our enemies.

We want your land or your life, your choice.

We use State power for parochial and selfish interests.

The central bank is our personal bank to use as we want.

Budgets are decorative, never meant to be implemented.

We imprison people without charges or trial for years.

Courts orders are for the dogs, not for us or our appointees.

We can hire and fire at will, and no one dares challenge us.

Government agencies harass our opponents willy-nilly,

While protecting our supporters with more heinous crimes.

Elections are window dressing as we decide the winners.

We give protection to killers acting out our orders,

But will powerfully prosecute misdemeanors by our enemies.

We treat our common colds in Germany or Britain.

Our children attend foreign schools.

Drinking water and food is imported from France.

We produce oil, but import refined petroleum products.

Our infrastructure can go to blazes – who cares, not us.

We preside over the giant dwarf of Africa,

Where merit is a forbidden word,

Replaced by incompetence, nepotism, and corruption.

We fight corruption with corrupt people who know the game.

We shield their assets and they expose the methods of their kindred.

Who are We?

a. Presidents of South Africa.

b. Presidents of the Undemocratic Republic of the Congo.

c. Presidents of Nigeria.

d. Presidents of Ghana.

e. Presidents of Angola.

One thought on “WHO ARE WE?

  1. You answered yourself, pretty well, Being not cognizant of who we are, as individuals or groups, how can we behave otherwise.

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