In the country of Ramuna, a progressive country,

Evidence of anointments needed before approving church/mosque.

Have iPhone, Android, Tablet, ever ready to go.

Leave on record all night, to document visions and anointments.

No evidence of visions, miracles, and anointments.

Kiss your church or mosque goodbye.

Because the country of Ramuna shall demolish it.

Will other countries emulate Ramuna?

Thereby putting a stop to religious chicanery.

Money rescued from the Religious sinkholes,

Funneled into socio-economic development,

Lifting masses out of poverty,

And decreasing demands for fake miracles.

As alien spacecrafts disappeared when smartphones appeared,

Will fake pastors and imams disappear when evidence,

Of nighttime anointments, visions and miracles are demanded.

Thank God for modern technologies made possible by God.

Technologies not in use in biblical times.

Kudos to the country of Ramuna,

For helping reduce the scourge of false prophets.

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