God created the World and let people worship their way.
People chose Kings, Animals, Trees, Sun, Moon, Rivers, Stars, and other objects as gods.
These are the traditional religions before God started talking to men.
Several thousand years later, God makes an about-face.
God informs Mr. Hindu to form a religion and also similarly informs Mr. Buddha.
Not feeling satisfied, God also orders Mr. Abraham to start a religion.
The Religious Stock Market is born.

Not wanting to offend Mr. Mohammed, he is also told to initiate a religion.
God usually does not communicate with women in religious matters, only with men.
Mr. Baha’i, Mr. Tao, and Mr. Confucius feeling jealous were also ordered to form religions.
Unlike the Traditional Religions, where people created gods at will,
These new religions are marked by an intensely jealous single God.
Each new religion claims to be God-chosen and the best.
Inter-religious conflicts have killed millions of people compared to pandemics and world wars.
Welcome to the religious stock market under one God Exchange.

Denominations are like companies within an industry.
There are mergers, acquisitions, split-ups, and dissolutions.
In the Islamic industry, the Sunnis split from the Shi’a.
In the Christian industry, the Protestants split from the Catholics.
The Pentecostals split from the Protestants and have become an industry.
The Pentecostal companies continue to offer the most IPOs (Initial Public Offerings).
The Religious Stock Market is booming.

Each industry has its goods, services, and rewards.
Goods include alms, tithes, offerings, and donations.
Services are masses, worship, prayers, meditation, retreats, crusades, fasting, and church services.
Rewards vary from eternal life with God in Heaven, to reincarnation as man or animal.
For those going against the religious rules, there is punishment, including penance, imprisonment, ostracism, severance of limbs, decapitation, stoning, and public whippings.
Prisons in the afterlife include purgatory, limbo, eternal orbit, and hell.
Death is akin to a stock sell-off and you reap the rewards of your investment.

The faithful are reincarnated as more valuable or less valuable humans and animals.
Some of the most coveted rewards for men in some religious industries are living happily ever after, with as many as seven virgins in the afterlife.
Just as you buy into a particular industry in the stock market for financial rewards,
You can choose your religion based on your desired religious rewards.
Rewards keep changing as new players enter the market.
Each new entrant offers new rewards, especially hope, and miracles.
The religious stock market is real and vibrant.

Evangelists or religious stockbrokers make presentations to sway you to their particular industry.
Buyers unsatisfied with their present industry or company offerings form their own companies.
After intense praying and a deep sleep session punctuated by vivid dreams,
God orders those dissatisfied with the present offerings to launch a religious IPO.
After formation, there is a scramble to win converts starting with family members.
By persuasion, perversion, or by conquest, converts are pried from preexisting companies or industries.
Next, you begin trading on the Religious Stock Market.

The current IPO market is heavily populated by Christian Pentecostal Churches.
Religious IPOs are familial matters, company succession is familial, and outsiders cannot be treasurers.
Some of the founders acquire demi-god status and adoration.
Starting in basements, next in hotel conference rooms, and finally a mega-church with seating for 10,000 or more.
These Pentecostal Christian Companies are very rewarding.
CEOs own luxurious mansions and fleets of jet aircraft.
The Religious Stock Market can be as rewarding as Wall Street.

Recalcitrant or stubborn dissenters of particular industries or companies,
May be banned, physically assaulted, ostracized, or physically eliminated.
Moving from the Christian to the Islamic industry is discouraged.
Moving from the Islamic industry to any other industry is apostasy.
Apostasy may carry the death sentence in some jurisdictions.
Instilling fear in the Islamic fence sitters not to defect, and emboldening the faithful.
Welcome to the Religious Stock Market.


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