Prior to the second coming of Buhari, corruption was evenly distributed in Nigeria.
There were corrupt Igbos, corrupt Yorubas, corrupt Ijaws, and corrupt Mumuyes.
Add corrupt Kanuris, corrupt Gbagyis, corrupt Tivs, corrupt Igalas and so on.
Corruption permeated all tribes, and nooks and crannies of Nigeria.
The economy grew as everyone benefited from corruption.
Widespread corruption fueled the economy and Nigeria surpassed South Africa.
Buhari has made corruption a Fulani monopoly.

Monopoly is anti-growth, anti-innovation, and anti- society.
“Corrupt” Uba, an Igbo is arrested by EFCC and hounded out of business.
“Corrupt” Chukwuma, another Igbo is arrested by the EFCC.
His innovative automobile operations is hanging on a thread.
Meanwhile, “corrupt” Dangote, a Fulani is handed over the nation’s oxygen supply,
To add to his portfolio of cement, rice, beans, petrol, palm oil, flour, sugar, salt, akamu, and soon water.
You can only be corrupt in Nigeria if you are Fulani.

All non-Fulani “corrupt” civil servants and political appointees were replaced.
With Fulanis in charge of corruption in Nigeria and not wanting to share their loot.
Recession, hunger, suicides, and unemployment escalated, augmented by Fulani massacres.
Fulanis invested the proceeds of their corruption in cows instead of humans.
Fulani cows causing widespread destruction of farms, followed by burning of farms by Fulani Herders,
Has made Nigeria a big grazing area and killing field.
You can be corrupt in Nigeria as long as you are Fulani.

2 thoughts on “FULANI CORRUPTION

  1. Buhari has made it fun clear that he is ethnocentric and he does not care about National unity.I don’t understand why any meaningful Nigeria will still trust him.I think the best thing for Nigeria is to split into three and share the natural resource into three.

    1. I would suggest a split into North, Central, Eastern, Western, and South Nations. Any of the five may decide to form a Federation or Confederation to harness their strengths and minimize their weaknesses.

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