Unfortunately he is both a religionist and a vuvuzela professor! Chidiogo, the great African philosopher defines a vuvuzela professor as, “An empty-headed ‘professor’ who uses sophistry and noise-making to advance the causes of their pay masters in line with their religious, tribal, or political affiliation”

Under the auspices of MURIC (Muslim Rights Concern), he spews out outright falsehoods to protect Muslims under real or imagined attacks. A more apt name for his organization would be MURIC (Muslims Under Real or Imagined Christianity). When aggrieved victims of Fulani Herdsmen violence retaliate against their tormentors, the vuvuzela professor only sees ethnic cleansing and religious intolerance. He goes on further to name the culprits who organized the retaliation ahead of any police investigation.

Here are some of his statements after a retaliatory attack on murderous Fulani Herdsmen in Adamawa State:

“We are deeply disturbed by the rate at which ethnic violence is erupting in Nigeria. We are equally constrained to blame the recent attack on authors of hate speech, particularly those motivated by anti-Fulani, anti-North and anti-Muslim sentiments.
“We contend that these primordial emotions are inter-connected and cannot be separated with microscopic accuracy. Those who whip up anti-Fulani sentiments do so because of their hatred for Muslims and their inability to tolerate Islam. Those who speak evil of Fulanis are fully aware that more than 95% of the Fulani population is Muslim.”

“The same people incite Nigerians against herdsmen. They have forgotten that every profession has inherent values and every Nigerian worker renders one service or another to the nation. Instead of appreciating hard-working itinerant herdsmen, tribal and religious sentiment blind authors of hate speech. We contend that all the anti-Fulani imbroglio would melt like ice cream in the hot sun today if the Fulani population revert to Christianity en masse.”

“MURIC invites authors of hate speech to change their mindset. Perception has the capacity to becloud minds and rob humanity of fair assessment. Ethnic jingoism limits human interaction, blocks opportunities and debilitates understanding while acrobatic religiosity deprives humanity of that thin veneer of civilization and erodes its infinitesimally small atom of sagacity.”

His speech can best be described as sophistic BLD (Bombastic Linguistic Diarrhea). Most laughable is that reprisal attacks against Fulanis will cease if Fulanis convert to Christianity. If the corollary is true, Fulanis will stop killing farmers if the farmers convert to Islam. Christians do not desire murderous AK-47 armed Fulani Herdsmen as converts. Fulani Herdsmen kill because they can get away with wanton lawlessness when the Patron of their Miyetti Allah Association is President of Nigeria.

Africastallestman abhors violence of any kind but will not convict farmers who are defending their lives and livelihoods from marauding Fulani Herdsmen and their cows. Anyone who can kill a 400-pound cow can kill a human being easily. When the security agencies guide and protect these killers, victims have no choice than to defend themselves.

Brazil is the number one exporter of beef worldwide. There are no marauding Brazilian Herdsmen driving their cattle down the boulevards of Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo, or Brasília.

Herdsmen under attack because they are Muslims – MURIC

The vuvuzela professor outdid himself when he exonerated Fulani Herdsmen after the Nimbo, Enugu State massacre ahead of a formal police investigation. As customary, he issued the following statement, “It is didactic that the police have absolved Fulani herdsmen from blame over the killings in Nimbo community of Enugu State. Equally instructive is the fact that the Inspector General of Police has issued a similar statement. We advise Nigerians to stop calling a dog a bad name in order to hang it.”
He adds, “We must not allow people who nurse anti-Fulani and anti-North agenda to blow this country apart. Neither should we allow politics of resentment and unsubstantiated minority claims of marginalization to becloud our sense of critical analysis at this point in time. We have all the law we need to punish the individual Fulani, Igbo or Yoruba if he commits any crime. But we have no moral right to target a whole ethnic group for annihilation.”

Three weeks later the police apprehended the Fulani killers of Nimbo people and also confiscated their video evidence. The Fulani killers had videotaped the carnage to be broadcasted as a warning to noncompliant farmers. “We want our cows to feed on your corn, yams, and vegetables to mature faster. Either you permit us to graze our cows on your farms or we kill you. The government and security agencies will not protect you. We own the land.”

One of the suspects, Zurai made the following statement, “After we attacked the town through the bush, I saw a man who had just been slaughtered on the ground. I brought out my phone and recorded the scene.
I asked the dead man, ‘Your people had confidence to kill Fulani people but now you are dead. Don’t you know that Fulani owns Nigeria?’ I recorded the video to show my relatives in Kogi where I live how successful the operation was. As we moved around Nimbo, I saw an Igbo man who used to give me food anytime I was in the state. I warned him to quickly leave town to avoid being killed.” How many Fulanis give Igbos food? The Igbos are hospitable people and will only kill in self-defense or in retaliation if the security agencies fail to act.

According to Zurai, who was born in Enugu State but has decided to kill his hosts,
“Fulani leaders rearing cows in Taraba, Kogi, Benue, Nasarawa, Katsina, Niger and Kaduna States contributed representatives to take part in the attack.”
Do you need any further evidence of Fulani impunity?
It is past time that the vuvuzela Alhaji Professor Ishaq Akintola and his Fulani paymasters are reminded that the Fulanis are recent immigrants to Nigeria and do not own Nigeria.

The Enugu State Governor, Chief Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi had called the President before the attack to request security assistance but Alhaji President Muhammadu Buhari refused his calls.

Nimbo massacre: I recorded killing to show my people our success –Suspect

Africastallestman wants Nigerians to be spared the agony of reading the vituperations of this religious vuvuzela professor. Why do Yoruba Muslim goat herders not kill other Nigerians? That is the next assignment for the vuvuzela professor.



  1. I think the Miyeti allah have bitten more they can chew as very soon other tribes will see the need to unite to defend themselves against this minority

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